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7 Signs You Need the Drain Cleaned up | Drain Cleaning in Katy

If you haven’t already had your drain cleaned, now would be the time to do so. A lot of people are not proactive when it comes to drain maintenance services because they underestimate the damage and inconvenience brought about by clogged pipes. There are several benefits of opting for professional drain cleaning in Katy, and some of them are listed below.

1) Minimize Blockages

Regular maintenance of the drainage system prevents blockages. Even if the blockage is in its initial phases, it has the potential to disrupt the regular operation of your sink and showers. The end result is an unpleasant experience as you try to go about everyday activities such as showering and brushing your teeth.

2) Using Drain Cleaners

Some people rely on drain cleaners to prevent blockages. This method has been shown to work temporarily, but does not address the crux of the issue. Expert plumbers don’t recommend this method, not because they don’t want you to use their services, but because the chemicals can structurally break down your pipes.

So if you find yourself in a situation you are continuously using drain cleaner, it’s time to schedule an appointment with a plumber who specializes in drain cleaning in Katy.

3) Getting Rid of Odors

If you notice a rapid increase of foul stench emanating from the drain, this could be a symptom of rotting pipes. This normally happens because foreign contaminants tend to get stuck inside the pipes, and they eventually rot and give away their location with a strong, foul stench.

This ‘foreign contamination’ is the collective residue from all the soap, food scraps, toothpaste, garbage and other things we force down the drain. As they collect inside the walls of the pipes, they tend to attract bacteria that use them as breeding grounds and multiply rapidly. Over time, the organic growth takes up space inside the pipe and creates a blockage, requiring professional drain cleaning in Katy.

If the foul drain is in the shower, the culprit is usually the buildup of hair in the drain trap. An easy fix could be to lift the drain cover and reach in for the hair with a set of pliers. It is tempting to push the hair further down the plumbing, but it only makes things worse. The clump of hair will get entrapped somewhere deeper down the plumbing line and start another clog, and this one won’t be easy to remove.

It is imperative to have regular drain cleaning in Katy to get rid of these disturbing odors and make your house smell fresh once again.

4) Protect Your Family from Bacteria

The bacteria that are thriving in the drains can eventually become airborne and affect the health of your family. The worst of the threat comes from sewer lines that back up and force raw sewage to make its way into your home. Sewage is extremely harmful because it’s the ultimate breeding ground for disease and bacteria.

Even a tiny amount of waste can pose a serious threat to everyone in your home and require professional drain cleaning in Katy.

One of the biggest culprits behind a clog is the unadulterated accumulation of solid material in the sewer pipe that connects your home’s plumbing system with the municipal sewer line. As the throat diameter gets narrower, it restricts the flow of sewage fluid, which naturally seeks the path of least resistance. This path leads back into your home.

Overflowing sewage is usually underestimated by many people even though it is a common occurrence. People generally like to forget about problems with the sewage, and thinking about the subject does have a way of curbing one’s appetite. However, sewage problems occur behind the scenes, silently working their way up until they’ve regurgitated out of the toilet.

The only way to minimize this problem is to have regular drain cleaning in Katy by a professional.

5) Minimize Expensive Repair Costs

Clogged drains don’t resolve with the passage of time. This is because the material clogging up the pipes isn’t organic in nature. Over time, they cause rapid deterioration to the plumbing system. The result is a plethora of devastating issues such as flooding and water damage. When this happens, your only way out is to pay enormous costs in repairs.

In the worst case scenario, you might be asked to evacuate your premises to allow professionals to carry out their repair work. This problem can be minimized by addressing the issue at its onset. Regular drain cleaning in Katy by a professional is the best way to prevent such costly repairs.

6) Slow Kitchen and Bathroom Sink Drains

Slow moving drains are very common with sinks, and the usual suspects are partial clogs comprised of hair and other things we shove down the drains that eventually get stuck in pipes. Other possible causes include the structure of the pipe crumbling from within or the growth of roots.

DIY solutions are temporary fixes and will require the aid of a professional drain cleaner in Katy for the best results. Slow drains are unavoidable and will eventually become a cause for concern, but regular drain cleaning in Katy is shown to prevent the buildup of clogs in the first place.

7) Unusual Noises

As the water forces its way against the myriad of objects stuck inside the pipes, it makes the all too familiar ‘whooshing’ and ‘whistling’ sounds. This is not normal behavior for the fluid movement and suggests that something is blocking its path. You could also be dealing with a leaking toilet. Another issue could be due to improperly secured pipes behind the walls, and if the supply pipes are made of metals, they vibrate and emit sound waves. This can be prevented by securing the pipes in place. Regular drain cleaning in Katy is proven to prevent problems from spiraling out of control.

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