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Rosenberg Plumbers – Tankless Water Heaters

If it is time to replace an aging water heater, you may be considering a tankless. While it is true a tankless water heater can save money on energy costs, efficiency alone is not the only consideration in the tank vs. tankless choice. Other factors involved in the selection include your home and hot water consumption. Understanding how they work can assist you in the decision of staying with a conventional water heater, or selecting tankless water heaters.

How Does a Tankless Water Heater Work?

Conventional water heaters store hot water until used. While the water sits there it is routinely heated to maintain the thermostat temperature setting. When hot water is used, fresh cold water enters the tank, and the water is heated to reach the set temperature.

Tankless water heaters lack the storage tank, so no energy is consumed until hot water is called for. Tankless water heaters heat water only when a hot water outlet is opened. In the tankless, fresh cold water is heated to the set temperature. While the process isn’t quite “instant” as numerous people believe, the supercharged process is not far behind the common belief. Once the standing water in the pipes clear, and hot water arrives, a tankless will continue producing hot water for as long as you wish. Energy, and therefore money is saved as only the needed hot water is produced, and there is no storage and reheating of hot water repeatedly around the clock.

Hot Water Consumption

While shopping for a new water heater, consider your household hot water habits and needs. Has the existing water heater satisfied those needs? Do you ever run out of hot water? Do family members shower simultaneously? Does your home contain long pipe runs where it takes an extended time for hot water to arrive at remote locations? These questions can assist in the selection between conventional or tankless water heaters. Benjamin Franklin’s Rosenberg plumbers can assist you in determining the ideal water heater for your household.


Both types of water heater require water heater maintenance. Sediment collects in the bottom of a convention tank style water heater, and minerals will cling inside the tankless water heater. However, the tankless flushes the majority of the minerals that move through it out with the water. Because it lacks a storage tank, only mineral residue can potentially remain, unlike in a conventional water heater that requires routine flushing.

Tankless water heaters will still require cleaning, and some models are easier for homeowner provided flushes than others. The frequency will depend on the degree of water hardness, and the amount of hot water consumed on average. In other words, large households would require a higher frequency of flushing than smaller households. Benjamin Franklin’s Rosenberg plumbers can provide a professional flush for either type of water heater. Water heater maintenance is the key to performance, energy efficiency and the lifespan of any type of water heater.

Space is an additional consideration in selecting a water heater. When planning to remodel and lacking the space for a conventional water heater, a tankless may be the best choice. Furthermore, outdoor models are available, engineered for outdoor installation, and taking up no space indoors.

Finally, cost is a consideration, and tankless water heaters will cost more than the average conventional water heater. While that is a true statement, the average water heater cannot compete with the energy efficiency of a tankless, or provide endless hot water as a tankless unit can. In order to even begin to come close to the energy efficiency provided by a tankless water heater, you would need to invest in the most efficient conventional water heaters. Often, the cost of high efficiency conventional tank style water heaters are comparable to a tankless, and may be even higher than a tankless water heater. If your household is an ideal candidate for a tankless, the best savings on cost and energy is tankless water heaters.

Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg today to schedule a consultation and/or installation of tankless water heatersTankless water heaters often have different gas and/or electrical and ventilation requirements than conventional water heaters. Leave the installation to our licensed and experienced experts. We bring industry expertise to every job for reliable plumbing installation, maintenance, gas line services, and plumbing repair.

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