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Katy Plumber – Water Leaks

Water leaks can happen at any time and seem to happen at the most inconvenient of times, requiring you seeking out a professional Katy plumber to tackle the leak and get it resolved as quickly as possible.  Many homeowners do not put much thought into the prevention of water leaks and instead only deal with them after they have already happened.  However, there are many incidents in where a water leak can actually go unnoticed for a time and when left unchecked this can turn into a very big and costly problem. Underground water leaks are one of these types of leaks that tend to go unnoticed for a spell and the damages an underground water leak can wrought to a home, its foundation, and if within close proximity of other homes, they as well can cause serious damages.

Underground water leaks will cause massive problems for homeowners if they are not fixed quickly.  These types of leaks can lead to sinkholes on the property or worse under the house itself. They can also cause massive damage to the foundation of a home.  However, there are signs that you may possibly have an underground water leak. Below, we will go over all of these signs so that if you happen to notice them yourself in the future, you can catch a possible underground water leak and call for help from a professional Katy plumber as soon as possible before extensive damage can be done to your property and / or home.

Signs of an Underground Water Leak

  1. Soggy Lawn – If you have soggy areas or puddles of water in your lawn and it has not rained recently then this could be a sign that you possibly are looking at an underground water leak.
  2. Vivid Greens – If there are areas around your home where the grass is taller than other areas and if the grass itself is much more vividly greener then this is a possible sign that you may have an underground sewer leak and you will need the services of a professional Katy plumber to inspect your home with leak detection equipment to be sure.
  3. Water Pressure – Has there been a noticeable drop in the water pressure in your home without any obvious reasons as to why? If you called your municipality water provider and they are not to blame then you could possibly have a water leak requiring the leak detection services offered by a professional Katy plumber.
  4. Gunk in the Water – If you have been finding dirt in the tap water or the sound of air escaping when you turn on the taps this is another sign that you may possibly have a water leak.
  5. Slanted – If you have noticed that areas in your home are not level anymore where they used to be, then this could be a possible sign to extensive damage to the foundation of the home, which could be due to an underground water leak. Contact a plumbing company immediately for professional leak detection services from an experienced Katy plumber.
  6. Sky High Bill – If you received your water bill and it is sky high or if you have noticed that the water bill has been steadily climbing month after month, then this is an obvious sign of a water leak and if you have not seen any other signs, you may wish to hire a professional Katy plumber to inspect and locate the source of the water leak.

If you do not recognized any of the signs above happening in or around your home, keep an ear out.  Whereas you may not see the signs, you could very well hear the signs.  Usually, an underground water pipe that is pressurized will create a series of different sounds whenever it is leaking. The most common sounds that you may hear will range from a hiss to a whooshing noise. These sounds will not materialize unless the pipe leak is found in pipes with water pressure that is 30 or more pounds per square inch.

Whenever you notice an underground leak quick enough, you will most likely be able to stop it before it becomes a serious issue which could possibly lead to significant damage to the home and surrounding property(ies).  If you have noticed the above clues, shut off the water at your water meter immediately and get in touch with a professional and well respected plumbing company in the area to come out to your home and inspect the area to see if you have a water leak.  You can count on Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg for all of your underground water and or sewer leak needs.