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Plumber in Katy, TX – Shower Head Cleaning

Plumber in Katy, TX – When you have hard water, it is almost certainly going to cause problems with your plumbing. Without a water softener then your plumbing will require routine maintenance, such as flushing the hot water heater, cleaning the aerator screens on faucets and showerheads and so on. A Benjamin Franklin plumber in Katy, TX can provide the expert plumbing services that you will need.

The build-up of hard water in a shower hear can cause it to eventually become clogged, reducing the water pressure and the amount of water flow. Cleaning the showerhead is a task most homeowners will be able to provide for themselves without the need of having to contact a plumber in Katy, TX to help you with it.

Distilled white vinegar is a natural product that will effectively remove hard water build-up on showerheads, toilets and other surfaces. However, you should always test the surface area in an inconspicuous area to ensure that the vinegar will not mar the finish on the surface that needs to be cleaned.

A removable shower head simply unscrews. If you have difficulty unscrewing the showerhead and you need to use a wrench or other tool, then grab a thick microfiber cloth or other protective material between the tool and the showerhead in order to prevent damage to the finish of the showerhead.

Once you have disconnected the shower head, you will submerge it for several hours in room temperature vinegar. You may need to repeat the process more than once if you are not able to remove all of the hardened sediment from the shower head. A soft brush can be used after it has submerged for a few hours in order to remove the residue. Never heat the vinegar, because if there are any plastic parts inside of the showerhead the heat could bring about damage, including the aerator. Once you have removed all of the build-ups, inspect the holes in the showerhead where the water is emitted and if there are any remaining deposits after soaking, clear the holes with either a straightened paper clip or a dental pick. Rinse the showerhead and then allow it to dry before reattaching it.

If when you removed the showerhead and it exposed the threads on the pipe, you will need to apply a few layers of Teflon tape clockwise on the pipe, before you re-screw the showerhead back on to the pipe. Once screwed back on, inspect for leaks, and repeat with new Teflon tape if need be.

If your showerhead cannot be removed, you can use a heavy-duty leak-free bag containing enough vinegar to cover the showerhead. Heavy-duty rubber bands will help secure the bag in place over the showerhead. Let the bag sit for several hours or overnight. Once you remove the bag, use a soft brush to help remove the limescale residue and use a toothpick, dental pick or straightened paper clip to remove any residue from the showerhead holes. Looking for a plumber in Katy, TX? Give Ben Franklin a call now.

Even though there are commercial products for the removal of build-up available, vinegar or lemon juice will remove mineral build-up in the toilet just as good. Wearing gloves, use toilet tissue to thoroughly saturate in either vinegar or lemon juice. Carefully apply under the rim of the toilet, gently pressing it into place. Once attached, leave the soaked tissue overnight and remove the following day.

For limescale build-up at the bottom of the bowl, you will want to remove as much water as possible from the bowl before you pour room temperature vinegar into it to help loosen the limescale in the bowl. You will allow the vinegar to soak in the bowl for several hours or until the limescale begins to loosen. Never pour hot vinegar into the toilet bowl, as it can cause cracking to occur. After the cleaning is completed, you can scrub the bowl with a soft brush to assist in the removal of any leftover residue. A natural pumice stone will help remove stubborn deposits. However, you will need to use it gently in order to prevent the possibility of scratching the porcelain.

Another alternative if you do not have the time to do it yourself is to schedule a professional plumber in Katy, TX to provide professional toilet cleaning services for you to remove the hard water build-up. Routinely removing limescale build-up is highly recommended, as over time they build-up will affect flushing by blocking areas within the toilet.

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