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Plumbing in Houston, TX – Video Pipe Inspection

Broken copper pipe

Plumbing in Houston, TX – A good many of homeowner’s provide annual and even biannual maintenance to their property. However, when it comes towards the inspection and maintenance of their home’s drainage and sewer system, seldom is this taken care of. Usually, drains and the sewer line is not considered until they are causing a problem. These issues can be mostly avoided with preventative care and maintenance by taking advantage of a professional video pipe inspection service. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg can provide this service and many other plumbing related services that you may need.

A video pipe inspection, which is also commonly referred to as a sewer camera inspection, makes use of a small video camera that is attached to the end of a flexible fiber optic cable that a plumber will push through a drain or sewer pipe. The image of the inside of the piping will be displayed on a monitor for the professional plumber to view and identify the location and depth of the camera below the ground. Video pipe inspections eliminate all of the guesswork from identifying the source and location of a problem, and drastically cuts down on the time needed in order to make repairs, and furthermore, it cuts back greatly on cost and the possibility for damage to in order to make the necessary repairs.

Once a video pipe inspection is complete and the problem has been identified, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg will be able to provide the most efficient solution possible in order to fix the issue. This process and inspection eliminates all of the unnecessary work, such as trenching an entire lawn in order to find and identify the problem.

Reasons You Should Schedule inspections

Even when you are diligent with your home’s drain system, using drain screens, even wiping plates, pots and pans of excessive grease, eventually the possibility of a clog due to grease will happen at some point. Fat, oils and grease coat the inner walls of pipe and over time these coatings will thicken until a clog occurs.

Stubborn grease is difficult to remove, and until the development of hydro jetting, complete removal was almost impossible without replacing the affected pipe entirely. Hydro jetting makes use of highly pressurized water to clean out pipes thoroughly of grease, oils and fats. It can even obliterate tree roots that have infiltrated drain lines also.  Additionally, hydro jetting should only be provided by a qualified, licensed plumbing company such as Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg.

When you have your drain lines periodically cleaned by a professional it will help make clogs a thing of the past. Hydro jetting is one of the most effective forms of drain cleaning and it is the only type of cleaning solution that will effectively remove grease buildup from the inside walls of drain pipes.  The frequency your drain and sewer lines will require professional cleaning for maintenance will vary, depending on your household habits and the size of your family. However, the average home can benefit from the service about every 2 or three years.

In the commercial sector, restaurants, cafeterias and lunchrooms usually schedule services such as this every month, in order to make sure that operations will not be interrupted by an unexpected blockage or sewage backup. When you schedule service, prior to hydro jetting, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg will provide a video pipe inspection to determine the cause of the problem and the condition and integrity of the pipe too.

Additionally, a video pipe inspection is recommended for old sewer lines that are 30 years old or older. An inspection will also reveal the condition and integrity of the pipe too. Deteriorating sewer lines should be replaced before a possible sewer leak happens, which can contaminate the ground water and surface water in the surrounding area. Sewer leaks are often the reason behind people becoming sick from drinking contaminated water.  Furthermore, older homes often have steel galvanized pipes, including the sewer line. Unfortunately, metal pipe corrodes and eventually leaks over time, which will allow sewer effluent to leak. A leaking sewer line is an emergency situation and requires immediate repair by a qualified and licensed plumbing company, such as Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg.

The replacement of sewer lines is also a service our licensed and professional plumbers offer, in addition to the installation for new home builds. Our plumbers utilize the latest technology available in order to provide efficient and effective plumbing repairs. Whenever you need sewer line repair or replacement, we can also offer trenchless pipe repair. As the name suggests, this technology allows for the replacement of sewer lines without the destructive trenching usually associated with doing so. With trenchless pipe repair, you can preserve the beauty of your lawn, landscaping and any other structures in the way of where the sewer line runs, including the slab foundation.

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