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10 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Plumber in Houston, TX

When it comes to plumbing, it is hard to find someone trustworthy, who is transparent about the cost and good at his job. Thanks to Google, you can find a plumber anywhere, who has a website and uses words like ‘100%’ guarantee or free maintenance.

It is your duty to make sure that the plumber Houston, TX you are hiring has some sort of credentials backing them up that they belong to a reputable company. While that local handy man living two blocks over may seem quite adept at their job, are you ready to hand over something as complex as a water heater? Before you know it, winter is here and you are standing under a cold shower. These unknown strangers can not only rip you off your money but also pose a different threat. If any component is not fixed properly, it could cause damage to your house and family. For your own good, it is better to hire someone qualified, who is a professional at his job.

Hiring a professional is the right thing to do. They might cost you a little extra but they will do a commendable job. That being said, it is still hard to hire a professional plumber in Houston, TX without doing any investigation. Following are ten questions that you must ask when hiring a plumber:

Q1. Do You Have a License?

This is the most important question because without a license, they are working without following building or house plumbing codes. Instead of going straight to the price, ask for their license upfront. The license number helps confirm that the plumber in question is qualified and runs a legit business. By hiring an unlicensed plumber, you are just paying for a half-done service.

Q2. Are You Bonded?

What if the plumber does the job and after a few days, you are right back from where you started? The main thing to consider here is that, will the company vouch for the plumber Houston, TX?

Q3. How Long Have You Been In the Business?

The good part about hiring a plumber from a reputable company rather than the average Joe is that you get an experienced plumber. Do not hesitate to ask about their most qualified plumber. Make sure that the plumber you are getting is good at the job you are hiring him for.

Q4. Do You Offer Emergency Service?

What if your sink’s pipeline bursts and you need an emergency plumber Houston, TX? Questions like these put the company on spot and let you know whether you can rely on them or not. A reputable company will be available around the clock and will always offer emergency service with courteous plumbers.

Q5. Do You Provide a Service Guarantee If Something Breaks?

In the middle of the night, you hear a pop sound. You get up to investigate and find out that the water heater has stopped working. To avoid a situation like this, ask the plumbing company if it provides you with a warranty. Most plumbers provide a one year warranty. However, a reputable plumber Houston, TX will offer two years warranty but that’s not the end of it. You need to ask them what is covered in the warranty: leaks, bolts, new pipeline, etc. Get everything in writing, so that you can claim your warranty if any incident occurs.

Q6. How Much Is It Going to Cost and Can You Go through Each Price Point and what’s it for?

You never know when a hidden fee might slap you in the face!

  • Is there a diagnostic fee?
  • Will I have to pay for any parts that you will buy for the fix up?
  • Is there a labor fee?

These three questions will save you from any hidden fee that the plumber Houston, TX might spring on you when the job is done. A reputable company will give you a complete quote that covers all the bases. If the plumber is willing to sit down with you and explain you each cost, part by part then hire them on the spot.

Q7. Do You Take a Flat Rate or Hourly Rate?

Getting a quote is not the end to knowing about how much the service will cost you. Some companies have hidden clauses in their contract, which states that a homeowner will be responsible for any kind of cost until the job is complete. A flat rate will give you an estimated cost, whereas an hourly rate can cost too much. If your plumbing problem is bigger than you expected, then the plumber will bill you per hour.

Q8. Can You Provide Me With A Couple Of References?

Say the plumbing company you picked out has no reviews on the internet. In a situation like this, ask the plumber Houston, TX for some references. These people are the direct source to a job well done or not. This will give you a peace of mind that you are hiring a qualified plumber Houston, TX.

Q9. Is Cleanup Included in the Service?

This depends on the training the company offers to its plumbers. Some plumbers Houston, TX do not cleanup after a job and leave empty boxes, dirty rags and old parts behind for the homeowner to clean. Make sure that cleanup is included in the quote. A professional plumber will never leave parts lying around, as they can be a hazard. If the cleanup is on their tab, then give a tip to the plumber. This will make you their prized customer and you will receive exemplary service every time.

Q10. When Will The Payment Be Due?

The payment time depends on how long it will take for the job to complete. If it takes a few hours, then you can pay the money at the end. However, if the job takes two to three days, then make sure that they have a policy where you pay 20% of the payment during the first visit and the rest as the job proceeds.

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