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Plumbers in Rosenberg, Texas – Expansion Tanks

Expansion tanks are devices that are installed alongside hot water systems. Their purpose is to prevent the excessive buildup of water pressure inside of a hot water heater’s tank which is caused by the thermal expansion of hot water. Thermal expansion is a state that happens to water when it is heated.  In other words, as water is heated the density decreases and the volume increases. Water does not compress, thus the extra volume of water that is created must go somewhere.

In hot water heaters, it is not that uncommon for pressure relief valves to fail. Whenever this happens in scenarios where pressure is building up inside of the water heaters tank, the pressure can rupture the tank or even a hot water pipe can burst.  Even when the pressure relief valve on a hot water heater is operating as intended, pressure can still buildup in pipes and supply lines, which can lead to them bursting and lead you to looking for professional plumbers in Rosenberg, Texas.  An expansion tank removes the possibility of these risks by allowing the hot water to flow into it, thus reducing pressure on the hot water heaters tank.

With these preventive measures being installed, expanded hot water has limited methods of escaping, and as a result expansion tanks are a recommendation for homes and in some areas, required, as public water utilities are upgraded to conform to Federal Law. Our professional and licensed Ben Franklin Plumbing plumbers in Rosenberg, Texas are qualified experts in the installation, maintenance and repair of expansion tanks.

Residential hot water systems are generally closed systems, and with the addition of an expansion tank, increased water pressure forces a diaphragm in the expansion tank to retract. Once retracted, the hot water enters the expansion tank, thus reducing the amount of water pressure in the hot water heater, and the possibilities of potential damage to the water heater or the hot water pipes leading from it.

As municipality water suppliers upgrade their own water systems in accordance to Federal Law, many local codes are more than likely at a minimum to require the installation of an expansion tank in the following scenarios:

  • Whenever a water meter is replaced with a dual back flow valve
  • Whenever an old hot water heater is replaced
  • In new home builds
  • Whenever a backflow prevention device is installed on the water meter or a pressure reducing vale is installed on the service line
  • Whenever a new pressure regulating valve is installed

Due to the 2004 Federal legislation to prevent contamination in public water systems due to back flow, as a public water municipality brings their own systems in line with the Federal law, some local and county authorities nationwide are recommending or even requiring for the installation of expansion tanks, and in some cases water meters are also being updated with the required dual check valves.

In order for you to protect your hot water heater and hot water plumbing pipes from the potential damages of thermal expansion, the installation of an expansion tank by a qualified and professional plumbing company that has plumbers in Rosenberg, Texas is the safest course to go with or without water systems installing backflow prevention measures. High temperature regulators and pressure relief valves are not adequate enough protection against thermal expansion. They do not control thermal expansion and may potentially fail, and as a result an expansion tank is the best and safest option in the scenario where these devices may fail.

If you came across this article in your research for expansion tanks or if you would like to learn more about expansion tanks and you are in the decision process, then give Benjamin Franklin Plumbing a call and our plumbers in Rosenberg, Texas will be more than happy to assist you in answering your questions and concerns.

Expansion tanks are a great back-up system in the event of thermal expansion and failure of the safety devices on your hot water heater system. Get in touch with our plumbers in Rosenberg, Texas to learn more about how an expansion tank can help your existing hot water heater system and how it can protect your home from the damaging effects of thermal expansion. Our resourceful and professional plumbers in Rosenberg, Texas can get you set up with an Expansion tank in as little as one day and give you ease of mind against the possibilities of thermal expansion with your existing hot water heater system. Give us a call today.