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Plumbers in Houston, TX – Garbage Disposal

The garbage disposal is an integral kitchen appliance that is installed on the sink drain. Its purpose is to shred food, enabling that food to pass through the drain pipes. Garbage disposals, like any other mechanical device, will require maintenance and repairs over time. Additionally, understanding what can and cannot be placed in a garbage disposal will go a long way in the prevention of needing repairs and the extension of the life cycle for the system.  If your garbage disposal needs repairs and you are looking for professional plumbers in Houston, TX, then give Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg a call.  

If your kitchen’s garbage disposal has broken down or become jammed and you are not able to fix it yourself and you are in need of help, give Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg a call today. We will be more than happy to assist you by sending our licensed and professional plumbers in Houston, TX to your home to assess the problem with your garbage disposal, find a solution, and make the necessary repairs or replace the unit for you in the eventuality that the engine itself is worn out and full replacement is the best solution. Below we will discuss the common problems associated with garbage disposals.

Garbage Disposal Clogs

A garbage disposal may become clogged if there is a humming noise and the disposal will not grind the food waste. Sometimes, it may make no noise at all if it is jammed. Most of the time, you can take care of a jam without the need of finding plumbers in Houston, TX. However, if you are unable to do so, or are uncomfortable in doing so, then contact our plumbers for assistance.

When to Replace

There are multiple reasons and problems that may indicate the need to replace a garbage disposal. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing’s plumbers in Houston, TX can assess the appliance and ascertain if it will require either garbage disposal repair, or if it is time to replace the old unit with a newer one. Below are signs that a replacement may be necessary.

Jamming – If the garbage disposal is experiencing frequent jamming, this could indicate typical wear and tear from an aging system. However, it can also indicate that the disposal is being improperly used.  Proper use includes disposing of approved food items and feeding only a few small pieces of leftover food at a time. It is also essential that you turn on the tap and run cold water before you turn on the disposal.  Once you are done feeding food waste into the disposal, you should let the tap run for an additional 20 seconds.  If you have quite a bit of food waste to dispose of, you should just place it in the trash.  Garbage disposals were not created for large amounts of food in mind.

Whenever a clog occurs, you can press the reset button. If you are not sure of the location of the reset button, then refer to the manufacturer’s instruction booklet that would have come with the garbage disposal. If you do not have that on hand, check with the manufacturer’s website for an online version of the user’s manual.

Additionally, when a clog is not present and the unit will not operate, you can try the reset button. However, if resetting the disposal is a common occurrence, the motor may be wearing down. Get in touch with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing so that we can send our plumbers in Houston, TX to assist you with your garbage disposal repair or replacement needs.

Garbage Disposal Installation

There are two different basic types of garbage disposals available in the marketplace. These are the continuous feed and batch feed types.  If you are unsure of which is best for you, you can always ask plumbers in Houston, TX.

The majority of homeowners typically choose the continuous feed type garbage disposal due to the fact that they are the easiest to use. In the continuous feed type garbage disposal, the food waste is dropped into the garbage disposal while the water is running from the tap. The disposal is turned on until the food is ground up and flushed away.

In the batch feed type garbage disposal, the food waste is placed in a hopper and the lid for the garbage disposal is closed. Once the lid closes, this activates the grinder. This batch feed is a much safer alternative, but it is priced slightly higher than the continuous feed type garbage disposal.

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