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6 High Efficiency Plumbing Fixtures That Can Reduce Water Bills | Plumber in Houston, TX

Are you troubled by high water bills that tend to shake your finances? Do you want to know about ways through which you can cut water bills? If so, one of the most effective ways you can reduce water bills is by asking a plumber in Houston, TX to install efficient plumbing fixtures.

The US EPA estimates that if every household uses efficient plumbing fixtures, the net water savings would amount to 3 trillion gallons of water – about $18 billion dollars savings in energy bills every year.

From water conserving toilets to water heater timer, here are six efficient plumbing devices that can help you conserve water and cash.

1. Efficient Toilet Fixtures

One of the most water intensive fixtures in a house are the toilets. They consume about 30 percent of the water used inside most households. Older model toilets that have been installed more than a decade ago generally consume more water (1.6 gallons) as compared the newer EPA standard models, which consume about 1.28 gallons with each flush.

Consider asking the local plumber in Houston, TX to replace the old toilets with Dual-flush toilets. Installing these toilets is an excellent way to conserve water as they provide greater control over the use of water.

Another advice is to request the local plumber in Houston, TX to install waterless urinals. The urinals can be installed in both residential and commercial settings. Installing them in the bathroom can cut the water bill to nearly half.

2. Water Conserving Shower Heads

Showering in most households in the US amounts to about 20 percent total water consumption. You can greatly reduce the water consumption in showering by having a low flow showerhead installed by a professional plumber in Houston, TX. Installing the fixture can reduce water consumption by a significant amount while still allowing comfortable showering. In case you don’t afford to install a low flow shower head, you can instead request a plumber in Houston, TX to install a low flow shower adapter that will offer the same benefits but at a lower cost.

3. Efficient Faucets in the Bathroom and Kitchen

Faucets in the bathroom and kitchen also tend to consume a lot of water. The flow rate of older faucets that are installed in most homes is 2.5 gallons per minute.

Upgrading the faucets can greatly help in reducing the water consumption. With older model faucets, the higher flow rate will mean that a large amount of water goes down the drain even for simplest of tasks. Modern faucets have slower flow rate – about 1.5 gallons per minute – that can save you significant amount of water, and subsequently the water bills.

Also, you should consider asking a plumber in Houston, TX to install a kitchen faucet with a high—efficiency sprayer. Rinsing the dishes with a sprayer can result in saving a lot of water. This will contribute in further lowering the energy bill.

4. High Efficiency Urinal Valves

Another great high efficiency plumbing fixture that you can request a plumber in Houston, TX to install inside the house to conserve water is a sensor activated valve. A good example is the ZTR6203 Sensor Flush Valve manufactured by Zurn Industries.

The battery powered valve features Hydro Vantage piston that produces precise amount of water required for the urinal. It features a reliable EcoVantage Pint sensor that can accurately gauge amount of water that is required for the urinal. Furthermore, the chemical resistant gaskets and seals reduce maintenance costs and ensure longer life.

If you want something less costly, you should consider telling the plumber in Houston, TX to install the heavy duty M-Dura manual flush manufactured by Moen. The flush valves feature AccuSet piston technology that ensures efficient water usage. The best thing about this urinal is that it has a sturdy build and a long life. The cast-brass can withstand the harshest of cleaning chemicals, and a self cleaning filter protects the seals of the valve from damage due to clogs. Also, the diaphragm technology of the valve makes it possible to operate with pressure of about 15 psi, which will help prevent costly water wastage.

5. Efficient Sinks

Water is also wasted when it overflows from the sink. This is particularly the concern in labs, healthcare facilities, and sanitation environment. Bradley’s Terron Deep Well lavatory prevents water from flowing outside the sink. This will minimize messes, reduce slip and fall injuries, and conserve precious water. The product is made of a sold material and features slope surface to ensure that water stays in the sink and avoid splashes. Also, the basin bottom contours towards the drain, allowing quick draining.

6. Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters are a must-have appliance to conserve water. The heaters only heat the water when required. This helps in greater energy savings and convenience in using the hot water. Unlike tank water heaters, tankless water heaters will heat the water when you turn on the tap.

Generally, all water heaters must be flushed to prevent water buildup. Since the heaters don’t have a tank, you will waste less water when flushing water. The savings in water consumption could reflect in lower energy bills.

Installing the above items can result in great cost savings for you due to reduced water consumption. Apart from saving money, you will also be glad to know that you are playing your part in conserving the limited precious water reserves. Just make sure that you contact a professional plumber in Houston, TX who has experience installing all kinds of plumbing fixtures.

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