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Galvanized Pipe in Rosenberg

Was your home built before 1970?  If so, the plumbing in your home may consist of galvanized pipe. This type of piping is a steel pipe that has a protective zinc coating.  Like all things, it will only last for so long.  Over time the zinc coating will deteriorate, leaving the unprotected steel to the effects of corrosion and rust.  Once this process begins, it is only a matter of time before the pipe deteriorates to the point that it begins to leak.  If this is your home, you may consider giving Benjamin Franklin Plumbing a call to schedule repiping for your plumbing in Rosenberg, Texas.

The effects of rust tend to begin from within the pipe, and with that it will find its way towards the outside of the pipe and once it does pinhole leaks will form and those leaks will become larger over time as the durability of the pipe is compromised.  The chemical makeup of hard water is acidic, and this also contributes to both pipe deterioration as well as mineral buildup in pipes, forming blockages.  This in turn will result in low water pressure, which is in fact one of the first signs of mineral buildup blockages in plumbing pipes that are supplied to your home. If you are having low water pressure, and it is not due to municipal causes, give Ben Franklin Plumbing a call for assistance with your plumbing in Rosenberg, Texas.

Over the due course of time, the corrosion and rust will only become worse. Repairs will become more frequent.  Unfortunately, repairs are only a temporary solution. Eventually, you will need to ultimately replace the galvanized pipe with a modern pipe material; this is the only viable long term solution.  Give us a call to schedule complete repiping for your plumbing in Rosenberg, Texas.

The Benefits of Repiping

When you have your homes plumbing repiped, it will restore the reliability and stop water leaks and the possibility of a full scale pipe break that can be extremely destructive to the integrity of a home. Furthermore, repiping will provide your household with cleaner, safer water, without the contamination of corrosion, rust and bacteria caused by old pipes. If you have been experiencing low water pressure, repiping will also address this problem.

Additionally, the dangers of corroded galvanized piping affects home that have, or have had a lead service line.  The corrosion found within aging galvanized pipe, is conducive to the accumulation of lead over the years. Even if the lead service line has already been replaced, the rust found within the galvanized pipe remains.  The full replacement of compromised galvanized piping and lead service lines is the only viable solution to ensuring that the water in your home is not contaminated by lead.  Benjamin Franklin plumbing can provide professional repiping for your home’s plumbing in Rosenberg, Texas.

Repiping is not a job for amateurs, or fly by plumbers for that matter. It is a major job, and should never be attempted by the average homeowner or average handyman also.  You will need a professional plumbing company that deals with plumbing problems like this every day of the week. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is a reputable and licensed plumbing company that deals with plumbing in Rosenberg, Texas every day of the week.

What to Expect from Aging Galvanized Pipes

If your home has galvanized pipe, and your budget does not all you for full replacement at this moment, consider at least routinely having the pipe inspected for signs of trouble. Inspect the pipe for the possible signs of corrosion, water discoloration, rust, dimpling, pimples, or even flaking.  If you happen to come across any of these signs, you will need to contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing to schedule repair for your home’s plumbing in Rosenberg, Texas.

It may be more cost effective to replace only the leaking pipe at the time. However, when you take into account the viability of the entirety of the piping and with that the long term outcome with the amount of repairs that will be required. The cost effective solution and possibility of water damage to your home would be for a complete repipe of your home’s plumbing in Rosenberg, Texas.

The Benefits of Repiping

  • To summarize, repiping will offer the following benefits for homeowners:
  • Reliable and leak free plumbing when it is installed by a qualified and licensed plumbing company.
  • Healthier, cleaner water without the fear of contamination wrought on by corrosion and rust.
  • Normal water pressure for your needs.
  • Repiping will improve the value of your home, if you plan on putting it on the market anytime soon.

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