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Maintenance and Safety Tips for Natural Gas Leak | Plumbers in Houston, TX

You are sleeping at night when suddenly you get a whiff of natural gas, realizing that you left the gas valve open that caused the gas to leak. According to Center for Disease Control (CDC), from the year 1999 to 2010, there have been 5,149 deaths due to the unintentional spread of carbon monoxide. Gas leaks are one of the most dangerous situations that require quick thinking. Even a little delay can cause the house to go up in flames, where people do not even realize that their house is on fire.

To prevent this kind of situation from occurring, it is important to maintain your gas pipe system. The main reason behind a gas leak is improper fitting of gas hose and faulty valves. The safe thing would be to call plumbers Houston, TX. In the meantime, follow these tips for safety measures:

Safety Tip #1

Do Not Investigate

We are swamped with hundreds of things every day. At night, while asleep, detecting a gas leak is impossible as it spreads slowly and enters the system more slowly. By the time you are awake, the house is poisoned with the gas and on the verge of catching fire.

In some cases, you might feel light-headed, nauseous or dizzy. In severe cases, the slow buildup of carbon monoxide in the system can even cause seizures.

Solution: Instead of getting up and investigating where the leak is coming from, the sane thing to do is call the fire department and plumbers Houston, TX. After the house is cleared of all the hazardous materials, get your gas pipes fixed immediately. This is something extremely dangerous and poses a huge threat to you and your family, so instead of using DIY techniques and insulating the pipe, it is better to let professional plumbers Houston, TX do the job.

Safety Tip #2

Check the Flame

Just because there is a flame does not mean that your cooker or oven is working properly. A small gas leak builds up with time and when you strike a match, it results in a small explosion that can burn your hands and face.

Solution: A gas leak can also be caught through a flame’s color. If the flame is yellow or orange in color, then your gas pipe is leaking. Immediately turn off the valve, so it does not enter the house. If the flame is crisp blue, then you are good to go. Hire professional plumbers Houston, TX to install new valves to make sure that the line is closed securely after every turn.

Safety Tip #3

Keep the Windows Open

You enter the kitchen and immediately smell something musty in the air. Even if you have closed the valve, the remaining carbon monoxide still poses a threat.

Solution: A kitchen must always have windows for ventilation. The ventilation will give you plenty of time to get yourself and your family to safety.

Safety Tip #4

Know the Outlay of Your Gas Pipes

Depending on where your gas pipe leads into the house, you should make sure that everyone steers clear of that area. Say your gas pipe is laid down in the garden. While you are gardening, you accidentally nick the pipe.

Solution: Immediately turn off the supply to the home and get far away from the pipe. Do not get any electrical appliance near the pipe, as this can cause sparks, which can turn into an explosion. Call professional plumbers Houston, TX and get the pipe fixed immediately. As a precaution, let them check the house pipes too for any internal leakage.

While these safety tips help you by giving you a small window of time, it is still important to maintain your appliances, as well as your gas pipe system. If you feel that your gas pipe system is not working properly or the flame is lower compared to yesterday, then immediately call professional plumbers Houston, TX. The problem can be anything such as your valve, a small hole in the pipe or rust building around the pipe. Following are some maintenance tips that you should follow in order to prevent any gas leaks:

Tip #1

Install a Carbon Monoxide Detector

Mankind has brought many modern technologies in the world. Just like smoke detectors, there are also carbon monoxide detectors that make you aware of these leaks. Professional plumbers Houston, TX have special tools that can detect any leaks through thermal imaging. With the help of this detector, you can find out if there is carbon monoxide in the air and then call professional plumbers Houston, TX to fix the problem.

Tip #2

Get Your Appliances Checked and Cleaned Every Few Months

Appliances that use a direct gas line can collect soot and rust from years of use. These can clog the burners and prevent the flame from igniting completely. You can always clean them with a wet cloth and let them dry in the sun but once in a while, get them checked to make sure that they are working properly.

Tip #3

Your Oven Is Not a Heater

Just because your oven gives off warmth does not mean you use it as a heater! This can not only damage the oven but release carbon monoxide in the air, which collects over time and can harm your health.

With something as dangerous as natural gas, it is better to be cautious and run out immediately rather than staying back and investigating. By installing a carbon monoxide detector, you can eliminate half of the worries of getting caught off guard. The rest can be easily controlled by using the above maintenance and safety tips. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg is a plumbing company that employs qualified plumbers in Houston, TX. They also serve in Katy, Rosenberg and Sugar Land. Their services include leak detection, water heaters, drain cleaning and plumbing. To know more about their services and how their plumbers Houston, TX will assist you, call at (281) 616-3978.