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7 Major Culprits Behind Clogged Drains – Houston, TX

Person wearing a glove pulling hair out of a drain

Clogged drains are a nuisance and there is no way to sugar coat the disturbing situation. In addition to being an enormous inconvenience, the clogged drains are also a sore sight, not to mention a smelly problem as well. Moreover, if the situation is not taken care of, it can bring a number of health issues as well, some of which can be extremely serious as well. However, despite being a red alert, it is a problem of common occurrence and you will find that no household is absolutely safe from it.

The problem is more prevalent in metropolitan cities such as Houston. Therefore, to save yourself and your family from the manifold harms caused at the hand of clogged drains, you need to opt for drain cleaning in Houston, TX.

The reason why this is such a multidimensional problem is that several objects contribute to the final situation that finally manifests into an alarming situation. From foreign particles dropped by chance to the residues from daily cleaning and washing activities, there are many things that force you to hire services offering drain cleaning in Houston, TX.

Here is a list of 7 such items creating havoc in your drains, paving way for drain cleaning in Houston, TX:

1.   Hair fall

Hair—now here is the most common reason for clogged drains. It is everywhere from shower drains to sinks and being a natural process, you cannot really keep the hair from falling. Initially, you can sort out the problem on your own by removing the accumulations using gloves or a device However, once it is stuck in the drains in bundles, the only safe option is to call reliable services for drain cleaning in Houston, TX.

2.   Plant Debris

From trees and shrubs to leaves and roots, plant debris is another natural reason that forces you to go for drain cleaning in Houston, TX. The problem is especially common after the fall and spring seasons. While the fallen leaves are considered the biggest issue, the roots are also notorious for clogging drains due to their inherent habit of looking for water and nutrients underneath the soil.

As a result, they easily find their way to your drain pipes, clogging them. Although part of the problem can be sorted out by keeping the outside area clean, in case of excessive greenery, this may not be an easy task. In such a case, you will have no choice but to opt for a regular inspection and professional drain cleaning in Houston, TX.

3.   Grease and Fats

Just as the biggest reason for clogged drains in bathrooms is hair fall, for the kitchen sinks, it is the fat and grease. Oftentimes, while washing the dishes and food supplies, fats pass through the pipes and you need to know that all of this grease most definitely dries up, hardens, and firmly sticks to the inside of the pipes.

As a result of this, the kitchen drains are eventually clogged when a sufficient amount of fat is deposited there. Moreover, it is not easy to remove this build-up either. What you can do, is avoid throwing greasy waste in the sink. Dispose of it separately.

However, it is highly unlikely that given enough time, your kitchen drains will become unclogged on your own. In such situations, you will have to go for appropriate services for drain cleaning in Houston, TX for your kitchen drains.

4.   Broken Pipes

General wear and tear as well as intrusion by tree roots can result in breakage of water pipes. As it so happens, broken pipes are much more susceptible to blockages than pipes that are intact and perfect. To further aggravate the situation, you cannot diagnose a broken pipe issue unless it is quite visible to the naked eye. This is a situation where you cannot do much on your own.

Therefore, if you suspect a broken pipe, which can be checked by looking for leakages or water stains around the ceiling, you should call a professional company for drain cleaning in Houston, TX.

5.   Hindrance in Water Flow

You realize that the flow of water in your shower or sinks is not what it used to be. It is somewhat reduced to small trickles instead of the normally gushing flow. This is your cue to understand that the pipes or the shower heads are clogged because of sediment build-up. This happens because water passing through the pipes contains several dissolved materials.

During the course of its movement, the dissolved material can choose to stick to the sides of the pipe or around the shower pores. This results in clogged showers. While you can try to unclog it on your own, in case of insufficient results, always hire the services of an experienced company for efficient drain cleaning in Houston, TX.

6.   Incorrect Installation

Many people think that installing pipes on their own will save them a lot of money. While, it is a truth that it might save them some money initially, the repairing expenses later, however, may turn out to be much more than the savings. Moreover, the incorrect installation of pipes is another major reason behind blockages.

Take heed from the first experience and call for a processional to look after your drain cleaning in Houston, TX, instead of relying on it yourself.

7.   Foreign Materials

There is always the chance of foreign objects falling down the drain. This could be anything from a child’s toy to soap, and from toiletries to food items, the list goes on and on. It is also a common practice to throw things intentionally down the drain. All of these can have a cumulative effect in blocking your drains. Therefore, you need to be careful when it comes to what goes down your drain.

If any of the above items are blocking your drain, call a reliable company for professional drain cleaning in Houston, TX. One great option you have is Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg plumbing service.