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Rosenberg Plumbing – Common Problems with Hot Tubs

Hot tubs are an expensive item homeowners can have in their homes. But, with proper maintenance and tackling those common problems the expenses associated with repairs and the like can be alleviated. If you need Rosenberg plumbing assistance with your hot tub, then give Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg a call. In the following we will discuss the most common problems and how you can attempt to address them before calling our expert professionals to provide hot tub repair for you.

  • Foam – One of the most common problems of hot tubs is foam and products that don’t belong in the tub are the number one cause. Keep hair out of the tub by tying it back will help to keep hair gel, mousse, shampoo, body lotion, deodorant and hairspray from entering the water. Showering just before entering the tub will eliminate these products from entering the tub. To prevent residual laundry detergent from entering the tub wash swim suits after each use without detergent or fabric softener. Cheap chemicals to clean the tub or excessive amounts can cause foam. Use a good brand and the recommended amount. More isn’t necessarily better.

An additional cause of hot tub foam is Total Dissolved Solids. Chemicals take the foreign elements in the water such as deodorant and convert them into a substance that binds to air-jet bubbles. These give the appearance of foam. Changing the water is the only solution. To prevent, use the one-third rule. Use a good brand of chemicals, clean the filter often and replace a third of the water each month.

Hot tubs require periodic water changes and routine water treatment. Infrequent cleaning leads to dull water and bacterial growth. Inadequate care leads to algae growth. These can lead to jets stopping up, clogged filters and possibly pump damage necessitating hot tub repairs. For Rosenberg plumbing assistance give Benjamin Frankin Plumbing a call today. Other common issues with hot tubs relate to the mechanics. In the following we will discuss some of these.

  • Weak Jet Streams – If your tub has weak jet streams adjust jets to achieve the desired stream. To increase the flow turn counterclockwise. If this doesn’t correct the issue, purge air from the system. Turn off the hot tub, and then turn the massage selector’s cap counterclockwise. Listen for the sound of escaping air. When it stops, the jet should be purged. If this doesn’t correct the problem the tub may have a blockage requiring a professional Rosenberg plumbing company for hot tub repair.
  • Dull Water – Test for proper pH balance if the water appears dull. Healthy water will appear clear and shiny. The pH should be between 7.2 and 7.8. Use a pH test kit to test the water often. Add sodium carbonate to increase the pH and sodium bisulphate to lower it. Carefully follow the directions on the package based on the size of your hot tub.
  • Overheating – Check the thermostat setting. Reduce the thermostat to economy setting and remove the cover temporarily to allow the water to cool. If the temperature continues to climb unplug it and contact a professional for hot tub repair.
  • Surging Jet Pump – If the jet pumps surges on high speed raise the water level in the hot tub at least 2 inches over the filters. Simply fill the hot tub with a garden hose. If this doesn’t solve the problem there may be a problem with the pump requiring a qualified Rosenberg plumbing company to provide hot tub repair.
  • Remote Control – If the remote, jets or other options won’t work change the batteries in your remote.
  • No Power or Cold Water – Ensure your hot tub is plugged in. If it is, check the breaker in the main power box. If the problem appears to be electrical unplug the tub and allow time to reset. Usually 5 minutes is adequate. If gas, ensure the gas valve is in the on position. If this doesn’t correct the issue, contact a Rosenberg plumbing company to locate the problem and provide the necessary hot tub repair. If you smell gas cut gas supply off and contact a qualified professional immediately.
  • Some hot tubs provide error codes that help diagnose some problems. Though not every problem has a diagnostic code, you can diagnose some common problems through these codes. Check the owner’s manual for error codes and the problem indicated. If not listed give us a call at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg, we will be glad to provide your hot tub repairs.

When you have a problem with your hot tub, the experts at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg will be happy to help you. Our professionals are up-to-date on the latest technologies to better serve you for all of your hot tub repairs in the Houston area. Service contracts are available to take all the worry out of your household service needs. Let us show you how we can help you, give us a call today.

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