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Plumber in Katy, TX – Bathroom Plumbing in Katy, TX

Keeping your faucets running smoothly in your home without needing to contact a Plumber in Katy, TX is important in maintaining your homes plumbing when you need it. Check out these bathroom faucet tips below in order for you to be able to maintain working faucets.  


Unlike pipes, there are multiple moving parts in a faucet that can and will wear down easily overdue time and will need to be either tightened or replaced.  Whenever you have leaky faucets, these should be repaired immediately. By doing so, it will help prevent further damage to the fixtures and faucets as well as prevent the unnecessary waste of water.

If you have low water pressure from your faucet or water leaks in the handle of the faucet this may be due to lime buildup and/or sediment that is partially blocking the openings inside the faucets aerator.  In order to resolve this, you will need to clean the aerator. If you are not familiar with how to do so or are uncomfortable in doing so you can hire a professional Plumber in Katy, TX to do this for you.


If you are experiencing uneven spray from your showerheads then the small holes in the showerhead may have become clogged due to mineral deposits within the water. In order to resolve this problem, you will need to open up the showerhead and thoroughly clean it as well as soak the showerhead in vinegar to remove the mineral deposits.  If you are unsure of how to disassemble your showerhead or are uncomfortable in performing this then you can reach out to a local plumbing company to send a professional Plumber in Katy, TX to your home to assist you.


When it comes to bathroom leaks, Plumber in Katy, TX say the toilet can be one of the biggest contributors.  The first thing you should do is check the water level in your toilets tank and inspect the water level to ensure it is not overflowing into the overflow pipe. This is the pipe that is in the middle of the tank that will have a small piece of plastic tubing that is connected to it.  If there is water overflowing into the overflow pipe then you should follow the steps below to rectify the problem.

First, adjust the fill valve until the water that fills up in the tank stops at around one inch or so below the top of the overflow pipe.  There may possibly be a marker on the side of the tank that will show you exactly where the water should stop.

Next, you should test the flush valve by dropping a few drops of food coloring into the tank. Wait around 15 minutes or so to inspect the toilet and see if the water has changed color in the bowl. If this is the case then the ball or flapper inside of your toilets tank is leaking and will most likely need to be replaced.  If you need help in doing this then get in touch with Ben Franklin Plumbing in Houston and we will send a professional Plumber in Katy, TX to your home to assist you.

Clean Sewer Pipes

Do not toss just anything in the toilet. One of the most common plumbing services calls for a professional Plumber in Katy, TX typically involves something that has been tossed in a toilet that should not have been causing blockage or partial blockage in the toilet.  The only thing that should be flushed in the toilet is bodily waste and toilet paper. Do not flush cotton balls, sanitary napkins, diapers, facial tissues, or even the disposal tissues that claim to be toilet friendly down your toilet.  It goes without saying, not to flush toys down the toilet too, but if you have children, which can be a tall order to ask and will most certainly, need the professional services of a Plumber in Katy, TX to resolve.

Avoid Clogs

To keep your pipes nice and clean make sure you install screens in all drains if you have not done so already.  These screens will help catch hair and other gunk from falling down into the pipes that can and will eventually cause a clog. Do not lay trash around your sink for it to mistakenly get knocked off into the drain if you do not have a screen or intentionally throw trash down the drain. The only thing that should be going down your sink and shower/tub drain is water, soap and shampoo residue.  By following these guidelines you can prevent unnecessary clogs that will require help from a professional plumber in Katy, TX to resolve it.

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