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Drain Cleaning in Katy, TX Do’s and Don’Ts with Blocked Drains

A freshly unclogged sink drain

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg provides drain cleaning in Katy, TX. With our professional drain cleaning services you can count on us to get your drains cleaned and unclogged in no time.  The next time you have a stubborn clog that you’ve thrown everything at but it’s not budging and you need professional drain cleaning in Katy, TX then give Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg a call.  No matter the time, whether it is day or night, we have a master plumber on call twenty four hours a day and three hundred and sixty five days a year.

If you have come across this article then chances are you have a blocked drain and you’re looking at the best methods for unclogging it or you haven’t ever had a clogged drain. If it is the latter, then you will want to keep it this way which is easier said than done. Below are some best practices to follow to help keep your drains open and unclogged and to help prevent you from needing professional drain cleaning in Katy, TX.

Do not mindlessly throw anything down your toilet or pour stuff down your sink.  Some things were never meant to be put in your sewer system and by following these guidelines you can keep your system clean and working as intended. Otherwise you may find yourself looking for professional drain cleaning in Katy, TX.

If you do not have a garbage disposal and you are not already in the habit of doing so then make sure that you scrape your dishes clean of leftover food before you place the dishes in the sink.  If you have small children make sure you teach them and get them into the habit of doing so also. Not being mindful of this can quickly contribute to a blockage in your plumbing that can cause a real problem. Especially oily foods and oil waste itself. If you are dumping oils down your kitchen sink, stop this immediately.  The combination of food particles, soaps, and oils will harden on the lining of your plumbing and create a massive clog that will be impossible to unclog with conventional methods.  You will either need to contact a professional company that offers drain cleaning in Katy, TX to either excavate the clogged pipe or the plumber will be able to blast the clog loose with highly pressurized water.

Another thing that is commonly overlooked in homes is fitting traps and filters into the drains of sinks and showers. Usually these are very inexpensive and can easily be attached with ease by the homeowner. They may not stop everything but they are highly effective at catching a lot of waste that you should not let pass through your pipes. With that said they will go a long ways at assisting in reducing the amount of buildup in the homes sewer system preventing the need for professional drain cleaning in Katy, TX.

Finally, another method to help keep your pipes nice and clean requires a little effort on your part.  This should be done quite frequently and in doing so it will greatly go a long ways at preventing build-up and the need for professional drain cleaning in Katy, TX. First, pour some baking soda into your drains and wait a minute or two. After you have waited a couple of minutes pour some vinegar down the drain and let this set for about ten or fifteen minutes. Finally, drop about a gallon or two of hot water down each drain that you used the baking soda and vinegar in.

This homemade solution costs very little and doesn’t use harsh chemicals like most store bought cleaners do that can actually harm your plumbing.  On top of this this method will even get rid of minor clogs that may already be in place.

As for the DON’TS to drain clogs.  You should never use acid as a solution to trying to clear out a clogged drain.  There is literally no benefit at all in doing so and not only this but you will risk damaging and or breaking your plumbing as well as possibly cause serious injury to yourself or others.  In doing so and you need to find a professional company offering drain cleaning in Katy, TX you may end up finding yourself having to pay extra due to the risk of having to dispose of the hazardous  chemicals.

By following all of the advice above then you should expect to have longer lasting pipes that will go a very long time before they will ever need declogging if ever.  

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