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Video Pipe Inspection

Video camera

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg plumbers in Katy have equipped with today's advanced technology, providing a fast, efficient diagnosis and repair for plumbing issues. The sewer camera is one example of how modern technology has revolutionized the plumbing industry. The video pipe inspection utilizes a miniaturized high definition video camera attached to the end of a flexible fiber optic cable. This cable is advanced into a drain or sewer pipe and transmits a live feed of the pipes illuminated interior to a monitor where our plumbers in Katy can clearly observe the conditions inside the plumbing, such as damaged pipe, or a drain clog and its nature.

Our plumbers in Katy will use the video pipe inspection for determining the cause of slow drainage and clogs, to identify pipe damage or deterioration and sewer issues. The inspection removes the guesswork and enables the plumber to provide an accurate diagnosis and to determine the most efficient solution for a reliable repair.

When a sewer pipe develops a leak or blockage, the video pipe inspection will determine what the trouble is, it’s exact location and provides the plumber with the required information to provide the best means of plumbing repair.

Video Pipe Inspection and Drain Cleaning

A plunger is a simple tool in almost every home that solves most clogs during a typical day. However, when you need an effective solution for major clogs or other problems with a drain or sewer pipe, the video pipe inspection is the equipment for a plumber to use for an accurate diagnosis. Without an understanding of the issue, the repair is nothing more than an educated guess at best. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg plumbers in Katy use all the latest technology for diagnosis and repair, ensuring results you can count on, with your satisfaction 100% guaranteed.

While our plumbers in Katy are equipped with the advanced technology of the sewer camera, we are also equipped with the latest technology for cleaning serious clogs with the hydro jet. The hydro-jet uses highly pressurized water with forward and reverse jets providing a 360-degree cleaning action for the cleanest pipe possible. Grease clogs are one of the most difficult to remove, yet they don’t stand a chance against the powerful hydro jet.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg plumbers in Katy are also equipped with the latest technology in sewer repair with trenchless pipe repair. This method of pipe repair offers a solution for sewer pipe damage and deterioration without extensive destruction of the lawn, landscaping, or structures over the sewer pipe. When the video pipe inspection identifies the need for repair, our experienced plumbers can typically provide a trenchless solution.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg plumbers in Katy provide the latest technology in video pipe inspection for accurate identification, and a professional solution of drain and/or sewer pipe issues. Our licensed plumbers are professionals with the expertise to provide reliable plumbing services, backed by our exclusive 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our dedicated plumbers serve Katy, Sugar Land, Houston and the surrounding areas. We are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.