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Fall Tips | Plumber Sugar Land

fall plumbing

The arrival of fall indicates it’s time to begin preparing your home’s plumbing in Sugar Land for winter’s freezing temperatures. While it’s a bit early for wrapping outdoor faucets, it is never too early to repair leaky faucets or sprinkler systems. Tasks provided now will reduce those required later. In addition, if cold weather were to arrive early you’ll appreciate the work already provided. If you identify the need for the services of a Benjamin Franklin Plumbing plumber in Sugar Land, you’ll have ample time to schedule service ahead of freezing conditions. Utilize the following fall tips to get a jump start on winter:

  • Insulated exposed pipes in attics, basements and crawl spaces to prevent frozen pipes. In addition, slipping the insulating sleeves on hot water pipes will save money on energy costs year round. Uninsulated hot water pipes lose heat to the environment, not only will save energy, the water will arrive hotter. Even hot water pipes located in heated areas will benefit with insulating sleeves with less heat loss.
  • During the winter, incoming water is typically colder, increasing the work on the water heater. Now is the time to provide a hot water heater flush to remove the buildup of sediment due to hard water. The appliance will operate more efficiently and last longer with routine flushing. Contact a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Sugar Land to provide a professional flush of the water heater. In addition, newer water heaters are already insulated, but an older water heater may not be insulated, providing an insulating blanket can save energy and money.
  • Go ahead and provide sump pump maintenance. Inspect and clean the sump pump screen, clean the pit of any debris and test the pump for proper operation by pouring a bucket of water into the pit to trigger operation. If the drain empties outdoors, be sure to check the pipe, ensuring it isn’t stopped up at the exit. Contact a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Sugar Land for professional inspection and sump pump service.
  • Scheduling repair of leaky faucets and/or water lines now saves money, and assists in preventing burst pipes later. Furthermore, you’ll also beat the rush when a cold snap is announced. To check for leaky outdoor faucets, place a bucket underneath the spigot. If water accumulates it’s in need of repair by a plumber in Sugar Land.
  • Installing thermostatically controlled heat tape eliminates the risk of forgetting to plug them up when freezing temperatures arrive. With automatic thermostat operation, you can install it now, set the temperature and forget it, knowing the pipe is protected when it needs it.

While it may not seem a priority now, these preparations will save significant time later when cold weather draws near.

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