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Water Heater Installation | Water Heater Repair Katy

When purchasing a new water heater contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg for dependable, professional water heater installation services. Our experienced, licensed plumbers are extensively trained and fully certified and licensed to provide your home with the exceptional water heater installation service necessary for ensuring the best performance, energy efficiency, comfort and the reliability confidence of your new water heater. Our plumbers in Katy provide professional quality water heater repair in Katy, installation, maintenance and other plumbing services you can count on.

Before purchasing a water heater, it is essential to determine the size necessary for your household needs. A properly sized water heater provides a consistent and reliable supply of hot water, and sizing depends on a number of factors.

Selecting the correct size that will best serve your household needs, considers the number of people are in your home and household water use habits. Your existing water heater may not necessarily be the correct size. For example, if you consistently run out of hot water when family members are showering, the appliance is not large enough for your household. Benjamin Franklin plumbers can discuss your needs and ensure a solution for ample hot water.

Our plumbers offer a full range of water heater services, including installation of gas, electric and tankless water heaters. In addition, our licensed plumbers offer water heater maintenance and water heater repair in Katy for all major brands and types of water heaters.

Selecting a Fuel Type

Choosing between electric or gas is a question of which is best for your household. Each has its benefits, and it is necessary to consider the factor of whether or not natural gas is available. Of course, a qualified plumber can provide gas hookups, although it will increase the cost of installation. In addition, the majority of homeowners stick with the fuel type of the existing water heater.

An important factor to consider with either type of appliance is energy efficiency. Purchase the highest efficiency water heater the budget allows, as it ultimately saves energy and money. Today’s water heaters have higher efficiency than ever, and even though electricity typically carries a higher cost than natural gas, the cost to operate an electric water heater may be less over time.

Reliable Water Heater Installation

When you are ready for a new water heater installation contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing plumbers in Katy for professional service. Our plumbers have ample experience with all makes and models of water heaters. However, if you are not certain whether a new water heater installation is needed or water heater repair in Katy, our professional plumbers can provide assistance. A Ben Franklin plumber will provide a thorough inspection and testing of the existing water heater, and provide you with our professional opinion. Contact us today to schedule a new water heater installation or water heater repair in Katy. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg serves Katy, Sugar Land, Houston, and the surrounding areas, and is a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.