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Plumbing Tips for Renters

While owning your own home is an American dream, many families choose to rent rather than to own. There are advantages to renting, such as reduced maintenance costs, reduced insurance costs, the property tax is typically the landlord’s responsibility, and in many cases, there is no upkeep of a yard to maintain. While the property owner owns the home you rent, you do have the responsibility to maintain it in good condition. When you take care of the property, the refund of your deposit is more likely.

The following plumbing tips for renters, helps to ensure your rental home’s plumbing in Katy is in optimal condition for the term of the lease.

Before Signing a Lease

As a renter, you have rights regarding the property you live in. Landlords are required to keep the property structurally sound, habitable, providing hot and cold water, with an efficient sewer, to ensure that the roof doesn’t leak, and to maintain the plumbing in Katy, electrical and heating systems all in a safe and functional condition.

Before signing a lease, ensure the terms are clearly understood and in writing. Verify who is responsible for repair of the structure, its plumbing in Katy, electrical, and heating system, as well as the appliances. If the landlord takes care of any major issues, but expects you to handle the smaller problems, be sure to clarify what you’re responsible for precisely.

Ask if the problems the landlord takes care of will be deducted from your security deposit, or if he/she covers the cost of repair. It is essential to ensure all agreements are in writing in the lease, in the event you need to refer back to it.

Inspect the Property

Inspecting the property before accepting it can save you a lot of grief. By identifying any problems and insisting on a property inventory and inspection check sheet signed by you and the property owner, the landlord will not be able to claim you caused damage noted before you moved in. Inspection with the landlord, or their representative also provides you with valuable information, such as where the main water shutoff valve is located.

The shut off valve is used in an emergency to stop the water flow from causing damage. In addition, check for individual shut off valves for toilets and sinks.It is also wise to ensure they are operable.

Ask Questions

Ask up front if there are any problems with the property. For example, ask if there are drainage problems, leaky pipes, or water heater issues. If you are going to be responsible for the repair of problems with the rentals plumbing in Katy, it’s especially essential to identify them before you move in. Advice for Renters Use a strainer in sinks, showers, and tubs to prevent clogs from hair, food, or other debris.

In addition, never put fats, grease, or oil down your drain, not even if you have a garbage disposal. Furthermore, don’t use the toilet as a garbage can to prevent clogs in the plumbing in Katy. Purchase a toilet plunger for the occasional clog, and keep it handy in the bathroom.

Prevent Frozen Pipes

If your home is provided with an outdoor water faucet, you will need to insulate it in the winter to prevent a frozen, or ruptured pipe. Ask the landlord if any other pipes are vulnerable to freezing. During extreme cold in the winter, leaving cabinet doors open under sinks can assist in preventing frozen pipes, and damage to the plumbing in Katy.

Lower Utility Bills

Check the set temperature on the water heater, ensuring the setting is the recommended 120°F. Adjusting the temperature is an easy task you can do yourself.

When the Lease Ends

Leaving a rental home in optimal condition prevents a cleaning bill or charges for items such as blinds, and carpet. Provide a thorough cleaning to appliances and fixtures such as the refrigerator, oven, toilet, showers, and sinks, in addition to meticulously cleaning the home. Not only are you more likely to receive the refund of the deposit, you will also receive a good reference from the landlord for your next rental. In addition, once you clean up, insist on a walk through inspection by the landlord with the use of check sheet as used before you moved in.

With these tips, you can have a problem free lease in your rented property. For the repairs of the plumbing in Katy you’re responsible for, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. Our plumbers in Katy can provide you with emergency plumbing repair, drain cleaning, water leaks and other plumbing services. We serve Katy, Houston, Sugar Land, and the surrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.