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Historic Homes | Water Line Repair in Houston

The purchase of historic homes is the American Dream of many families today. Historic homes possess style, elegance, and superb craftsmanship unavailable in today’s modern homes. Unfortunately, an older home may possess hidden damage and costly repair bills. This is especially true when it comes to water damage and the plumbing system. Before you sign a sales contract, ensure you have the home thoroughly inspected. However, you need to be aware that home inspectors, while good at what they do, are unable to see the electrical and plumbing components inside of walls, or underground. Hire a plumber so you are at least aware of potential plumbing problems. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing can provide the water line repair in Houston, or repiping that you need. 

Discovering Hidden Plumbing Repairs

The plumbing is one of the first things to inspect in a historic home. If the plumbing hasn’t been updated, plumbing material may be of galvanized pipe, cast iron, or possibly even lead pipes. Galvanized or cast iron pipe in a historic home likely contains corrosion and blockage from rust and scale. These pipe materials are outdated and should be replaced with modern piping. Furthermore, lead pipes will require replacement, and are extremely hazardous for children and infants. Our plumbers offer water line repair in Houston, and repiping when required. 

The sewer pipe is an additional concern in older homes. It is highly recommended to hire a plumber to provide a video pipe inspection to assess the pipe material, condition, any issues and the cost of replacement if necessary. If plumbing issues are identified and not corrected, the potential for sewage to back up or damaging leaks to occur is likely.

Furthermore, plumbing leaks are an issue that you need to know about in advance of the purchase. Even modern pipes can leak, clog and may have already caused serious damage to the home. A plumber can check the water pressure, which may indicate a leak or blockage of pipes if low. Obtaining a water quality report can also help to identify lead pipes, corroded pipes and other issues that may not be visible. Our plumbers can provide the water line repair in Houston that you require for your historic home.

You may run into a previous remodel where plumbing was replaced with modern materials, while the remainder of the home contains outdated materials. Knowing about the presence of old plumbing in advance, allows you to be informed in advance of purchase of the need for water line repair in Houston, or replacement if required. 

Water Damage 

Water damage can occur in historic homes in other ways besides just the plumbing. Leaky roofs can allow water in, and ground water can damage the foundation of the home.

Foundation repair experts can provide an assessment of the foundation, and cracks that are obvious in foundation walls or the floor of a basement are red flags. 

The source of water in basements may be due to the grade of the soil outside the basement wall. The grade should be higher at the wall, and slope away from the home to allow proper drainage. Clogged, loose, or damaged gutters are an additional source of water in the basement. All of these issues are repairable, though damage to the foundation may have already occurred. 

The installation of a sump pump can stop basement flooding. Other signs of a flooded basement are a discoloration on basement walls at the water level, mold, mildew, and increased humidity to name a few. Floor joists, and wooden flooring should be inspected for rot when flooding occurs.

Ultimately, it pays to have professionals from each field to inspect a prospective home for problems that can potentially bring significant costs for water line repair in Houston, and other plumbing issues. 

Providing Maintenance

A continuously occupied home is likely to be in better shape than a house that has been empty for years. Make sure you ask for all the maintenance records of the previous owners and verify their claims with your inspector or other professionals, such as the plumber, electrician, HVAC technician, or other. While you may decide the value of restoring a historic home is worth it, you need to be aware of any problems so you can be prepared to provide the necessary repairs. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing’s expert professionals can assist you with the water line repair in Houston, and other plumbing tasks you need.

Whether the plumbing installation or repair is needed in historic homes, or a modern home, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing plumbers in Houston have the expertise to provide the water line repair in Houston and other reliable plumbing services that you require. Furthermore, you can rely on a Benjamin Franklin plumber who backs our 100% satisfaction guarantee on our services. We serve Houston, Sugar Land, Katy and the surrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.