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Plumber in Sugar Land – Tips For Reducing Water Usage

Higher than normal water bills can indicate the presence of a water leak in the home’s plumbing system. The causes of a plumbing leak can vary from a leaky toilet to a dripping faucet in need of repair to other issues such as a slab leak. Waiting to repair a leak will continue to elevate the water bill, and in the case of a slab leak or other hidden leaks may place your home and its foundation at risk for serious and costly damage. Contact a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Sugar Land for prompt leak repair which is a sure way to reduce water usage.

You can use the following tips to assist in locating and verifying a leak when one is suspected:

1. Ensure there is no water in use, and turn off the ice maker, sprinkler system, or other automatic water-using appliances in the home.

2. Raise the cover on the water meter, if it is moving this indicates you have a leak in your plumbing system. Otherwise, write down the reading and recheck within 30 minutes to one hour. If the numbers have advanced you have a leak.

3. Shut off the water main valve. The valve may not have been operated for years and may be difficult to shut off. In the future, “exercise it” once per year to maintain its function and prevent it from seizing up. Turning the valve off will prevent the water supply from entering into the home and should stop all movement on the water meter. A shut off valve may be located near or at the location of water entering into the home in addition to a shut off being present on the water meter.

4. If you are unable to shut the water off, call a plumber in Sugar Land. If the home's only shut off is on the meter you will need to contact your water supplier. In the event of an emergency, you will not be able to shut off the water going into the home potentially increasing the amount of structural damage from flood or water.

5. If you have shut off the water mains near the home, and the meter indicates water is still being used, you have a leak between the water meter and the homes shut off valve. Contact a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Sugar Land for repair.

Leaky Faucets

The drips may seem minuscule, but leaky faucets can actually add significantly to the water bill, especially when considered over a year’s time. If you notice damp soil beneath an outdoor faucet, place a bucket underneath. If a leak is present, water will collect into it. A Benjamin Franklin plumber in Sugar Land can provide the faucet repair that you need.

Reduced Water Pressure

When water pressure is less than is normal, provide the water meter test above. While there are a number of potential causes, a water leak can cause low water pressure.

Visible Leaks

Leaking pipes are a much more serious problem than a dripping faucet or even a running toilet. They can cause significant damage to the home and its foundation. Wet spots on ceilings, walls and floor require immediate action (shutting off the water) and prompt repair. The faster it is repaired the less damage that will occur while reducing the potential for mold to develop, if not already present. When you spot signs of a leak, call a plumber in Sugar Land after shutting off the water.

Cleaning Up After a Leak

Once the water is cleaned up, open windows if the weather allows, and direct fans to blow on wet areas. The goal is to dry the flooded area as quickly as possible. Contact your homeowner’s insurance company to see if they will pay for professional cleanup and/or repair and what you have to provide if they will. For example, some policies will only pay for damages due to a burst pipe identified by a licensed plumber as the cause. Homeowners are well-advised to know exactly what type of water damage their policy covers before water damage occurs. A Benjamin Franklin plumber in Sugar Land can provide the pipe repair you need.

Water leaks in plumbing systems cost millions of dollars every year and waste the valuable resource of water. The repair of plumbing leaks is one of the surest means to reduce water usage money on your monthly water bill. Contact a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Sugar Land today. We serve Sugar Land, Katy, Houston and the surrounding areas with quality plumbing and customer service. We are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.