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Plumbing Problems Explained

Plumbing problems tend to occur when you least expect it. Of course, the worse possible scenario is to arrive home to find your home flooded with water and extensive damage. Some plumbing problems can’t be anticipated, while others can be avoided with timely plumbing repair from a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Katy.

Clogged Toilet

A clogged toilet isn’t a problem you can ignore. A toilet that repeatedly clogs is a sign of a problem requiring the services of a plumber in Katy. Typically, a toilet that suddenly begins to clog will have something stuck in the trap, or if all other drains are also giving trouble, there may be a clog in or other issue in the sewer line. For homes with septic tanks, it may also be a sign that pumping of the tank is required or that the field lines have failed.

As toilets are porcelain they are easy to break, and it is best to leave the removal of objects lodged in the toilet to a licensed plumber in Katy.

Septic, Sewer and Field Line Failure

Sewer lines can become clogged from grease, hair, food debris, objects such as toys and tree roots. Damage may also occur in broken or offset pipes, cracks and bellied pipe where the ground sinks beneath a section causing a swag where material accumulates and creates a clog. Advances in plumbing technology provide the replacement and repair of the majority of sewer lines without digging them up.

Septic tanks require routine pumping to ensure their proper function. The frequency will depend upon the size of the sewer tank, and the number of persons in the household. Typical recommendations are to have the septic tank pumped every 2-3 years. Ignoring this recommendation can result in failed field lines as they become non-functional due to grease and oil.

A septic field is the system of pipes that extend from the septic tank into the soil. Roots, oil and grease are the common causes of field line failure and they will typically have to be replaced. Never plant trees or shrubs closer than 50 ft. from the septic tank, and keep the area of the septic field free as well. Furthermore, you shouldn’t locate buildings or other structures on top of the field lines as this can cause compaction of the soil resulting in early failure of the septic field lines.

Leaky Faucets

Leaky faucets can be as simple to repair as replacing a worn washer or seat. Faucets are likely to periodically require new seats as they become worn and failing to properly cut the water off.

Ignored too long the leaks and drips may lead to more extensive repair, or even damage to the home. Most sink drains are not large enough to allow a wide open faucet to drain water away and can result in the sink overflowing when worn parts allow water to break through. The damage to floors, walls and the home’s foundation can be catastrophic. A Benjamin Franklin plumber in Katy can provide the faucet repair that you need.

Slow Drains

Slow, clogged and backed up drains is one of the most annoying of plumbing problems. This is one plumbing problem you don’t want to ignore as clogged drains can result in burst drain lines, and can potentially overflow onto the floor. This is both a health hazard and can result in costly repair of your home. Dealing with a broken drain line is far more costly than having a plumber in Katy to safely clean clogged drains.

Leaky Showers

Leaky showers or tub seals are another plumbing problem that can result in costly damage to a home and its foundation. Removing cracked and loose caulk and replacing it, can prevent costly damage and repair to floor joists, wall framing, walls flooring, and potentially the home’s foundation. A Benjamin Franklin plumber in Katy can provide this service for you.

Water Heaters

Homeowners should routinely check on the water heater. An undetected leaking hot water heater tank or pipes is one of the most frequent causes of damage to a home.

Signs that water heater issues may be developing are the water taking longer than normal to heat up, water that is not as hot as usual, or is hotter than usual without a known cause. You will want to check for leaks routinely. When installing a new hot water heater it is advisable to install a shower pan. While it will not contain the water from a busted line it may contain small leaks.

In addition, if the electrical or gas bill is elevated, it may indicate a problem with the hot water heater. It isn’t a bad idea to check on the water heater once a week. Visually check for any signs of water leaks. When hot water heater issues occur, contact a plumber in Katy for prompt repair.

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