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Houston Plumber | Sewer Pipe Cleaning

You seldom have to worry about the sewer line’s proper function of removing wastewater from your home. Unfortunately, sewer lines can develop build-up over time, eventually leading to the problems of no drainage, or even the sewer system backing up and allowing wastewater to enter your home’s interior.

Being cautious of what goes down the drain will help to prevent problems. However, scheduling periodic drain and sewer pipe cleaning with Benjamin Franklin’s professional plumbers in Houston provides the best insurance against drain and sewer line issues.

Signs of Sewer Issues

A home’s sewer line is out of sight underground. Being aware of the warning signs of sewer line issues will enable you to know when to call for professional sewer service. Multiple Slow and Backed–Up Drains: When a single drain becomes clogged or slow, it usually means a problem in the drain pipe. However, slow draining or clogs in more than one location, typically indicates a blockage in the sewer line itself. Benjamin Franklin’s plumbers in Houston offer the professional resolution of your drainage problems.

Sewer Odors: Sewer odor in the home is a sure sign of a problem, and may precede sewer back-up. Schedule a professional cleaning as soon as possible.

Other Signs

  • Standing Water on the Lawn
  • Areas of grass or landscaping that appear more lush and green, than in surrounding areas
  • Collapsed areas over and/or adjoining the sewer line
  • Toilets that won’t flush and multiple drains that won’t drain

Sewer Pipe Cleaning

Sewer line cleaning requires specialized tools and the training to use them. There are a number of tools available to the plumbers in Houston, and each has its own purpose. Before your plumber provides the drain or sewer pipe cleaning, a video pipe Inspection will be provided to identify the nature of the problem. Problems such as leaks, pipe breaks, or root infiltration may be present. Once the problem is identified and located, the plumber will then determine the most efficient and effective way to solve the problem.

This will enable the plumber to determine the most efficient and effective means to solve the problem, and the appropriate tool for correcting the issue. For example, an offset sewer pipe, or one that has collapsed won’t be helped by cleaning. Pipe repair will be required for this issue and other damage to sewer pipes.

For pipe requiring cleaning, there are a variety of tools available for use. The required tool selection will be based on the nature of the clog. A sewer pipe blocked by grease will require the use of the hydro-jet. The hydro-jet utilizes highly pressurized water with jets that provide a 360 degree cleaning action to effectively remove the clog. Safe, environmentally friendly, and effective for a wide range of clogs, it remains the only solution for grease clogs.

Your sewer line is constructed to last when properly installed, but like the rest of your plumbing system, it is subject to wear and tear. When a leak or total collapse occurs, it can result in the complete shutdown of the drainage system. The first step in ensuring an efficient, long lasting sewer system, is to ensure that sewer line services are completed by a professional, such as Benjamin Franklin’s certified, licensed plumbers in Houston.

Sewer Line Replacement

Under certain circumstances, such as a collapsed sewer line, sewer line replacement may be required. Fortunately, modern trenchless technology allows the plumbers in Houston to provide fast and effective replacement of part or all of an entire sewer line, typically, without the excavation of your lawn that was required in the past.

The Important of Repair

When sewer line repair is needed, it should not be delayed. By providing your home with a safe and effective means to transport wastewater away, it protects the health and convenience of your home as well as the local environment, including ground water, lakes, rivers and streams. Sewage can present serious health concerns to you and your community, and necessitates prompt repair. Our plumbers in Houston are ready to take your call.

Benjamin Franklin’s plumbers in Houston will provide you with superior plumbing services and all of the benefits of their experience and expertise. When you need sewer pipe cleaning, other plumbing repairs or installation of your home’s plumbing in Houston give the prompt plumbers a call. We back our repairs with Benjamin Franklin’s exclusive 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our reliable plumbers serve Houston, Katy, Sugar Land and the surrounding areas. We are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.