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Tips to Prevent Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes

While winter weather is not as severe in the southern U.S., preventative measures are required for when temperatures fall to freezing or below. Taking the time now to prepare for frigid conditions can prevent burst pipes, and damage to your home. The following tips to prevent frozen pipes will assist in preventing frozen and burst pipes. Contact a Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg plumber in Katy for leak repair before you begin.

The pipes most susceptible to freezing are those located outdoors, in unheated parts of the home such as the attic, basement or garage, and pipes located on exterior walls. 

Use the following tips to prevent pipes from freezing:

  • Inspect – Inspect for leaks, and provide pipe repair before insulating them. Contact a reliable Benjamin Franklin plumber in Katy for faucet repair, and other plumbing services.
  • Outdoor Faucets – Shut off the water to outside faucets, if possible, and open the faucet to allow any remaining water in the pipe to drain. In addition, this will also assure the proper function of the shut-off valve. If the water supply to outdoor faucets cannot be shut off, insulate the pipe and faucet. Foam pipe sleeves provide a convenient means of insulation. Split from the factory, you simply cut them with a utility knife to the length required. Tape loosely or secure with a zip tie. Securing too snug will reduce the sleeves' insulating value. Furthermore, if mischievous pets pose are outdoors, considering setting a bucket over insulated faucets. It will assist in protecting the pipe from the weather, and in protecting the insulation from playful pets, and wildlife.
  • Allow garden hoses to drain, and store for the winter in a dry location.
  • Heat tape provides an alternative for use on pipes in unheated areas, such as the attic, basement, crawlspace, and the garage. In addition, consider adding insulation to attics, basements and the garage.
  • Sprinklers and Pools – Turn the irrigation controller to the “Off” setting. Turn off water to the system. Drain according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Shut off and drain water supplying swimming pools, outdoor kitchens, and other outdoor water supplies. If the outdoor system lacks shut-off valves, a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Katy can install them for you.
  • Protect the water heater – If the water heater is located in the garage, leave the door shut to reduce the risk of frozen pipes.
  • Set the thermostat on 55 degrees or higher – When freezing temperatures occur, do not set the thermostat below 55 degrees in order to prevent frozen pipes. 

Use these tips to prevent frozen pipes. However, if a frozen or burst pipe occurs, contact a Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg plumber in Katy for assistance. Hiring Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg assures you of receiving a highly-skilled, licensed, plumber in Katy, who utilizes the latest plumbing technology, provides expertise and maintains the highest industry standards. We serve Katy, Sugar Land, Houston, and the surrounding areas. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg is a member of the BBB with an A+ rating. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Contact our team at (281) 616-3978 today!