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Tankless Hot Water Heaters | Sugar Land, Texas

As of April 16, water heaters sold in the U.S. are required to meet new efficiency regulations of the National Appliance Energy Conservation Act (NAECA). Over the long term the new water heater standards add up to impressive energy conservation of approximately $63 billion with a significant decrease in carbon monoxide emissions. Unfortunately, as it is with almost all changes mandated by the government, it will hit consumers with substantial increases in upfront costs for hot water. It is for this reason, that tankless water heaters in Sugar Land are now the better option.

While residential water heaters receive a modest increase in efficiency, the greatest changes occur in water heaters 55 gallons and above, which are no longer manufactured. The recommended replacement for the larger models employ new technologies such as an electric heat pump water heater, and gas condensing technologies. The water heaters in this category can cut energy consumption by 25 to 50 percent. In addition, due to their complexity, they will require a licensed plumber in Sugar Land for professional installation.

Few tankless or on demand water heaters are being affected by the new standards, as they already meet the regulations. For those homeowner’s in the market for a new water heater, consider tankless water heaters in Sugar Land. They are now more competitively priced when compared to a conventional water heater, and especially when compared to the water heaters such as hybrids and condensation featuring the newest technology.

The following is a brief summary of what the new regulations mean for homeowners:

Larger Tanks: Increased insulation is required in conventional tank style water heaters, resulting in up to a 2-inch increase in diameter and height. The increase in size may pose a problem when an existing tank water heater needs to be replaced and the new, larger tank will not fit in the same space or pass through narrow doorways, openings and staircases leading to it. Solutions will be enlarging the existing space, relocating the water heater and its cold water supply lines, electric/gas supply and ventilation, or replacing with tankless water heaters in Sugar Land.

Comparative Pricing: Until now conventional tank water heaters cost less to purchase for average models, than tankless options. However, the new regulations will increase the cost of tank water heaters and their installations. The new regulatory changes will have little or no price effect of tankless water heaters and narrows the price gap between conventional vs. tankless models. For those households qualifying to take advantage of the tankless water heater’s benefits, tankless water heaters in Sugar Land will be more competitively priced, is likely easier to install when faced with relocation or remodeling for a conventional water heater, and will save greatly on the cost of energy.

Increased Complexity: The complexity and expense of a conventional tank water heater and its installation will increase. The majority of gas models will require an electrical supply to power the additional components and controls needed to achieve high efficiency. In addition, they will require specialized ventilation and in some cases, a means to drain the condensation. For contractors and dealers, the heavier, more complex tanks can require more manpower to move, increased space for storage and for some contractors – larger service trucks to transport them. These are all costly changes that will ultimately be passed along to the consumer.

Tankless water heaters will remain the environmentally friendly option. Because tankless water heaters operate on an as-needed basis, they use up to 40 percent less energy than conventional water heaters, reflecting a substantially reduced environmental impact. This means tankless water heaters in Sugar Land will remain the preferred water heating method for the majority of green building programs, such as for LEED ratings and others.

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