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Eliminate Dishwasher Odor | Plumber Sugar Land

You can conquer that smelly dishwasher with our helpful hints. It seems logical that the dishwasher should be clean after all it cleans the dishes, right? Unfortunately, this isn’t correct, and not cleaning the dishwasher routinely can lead to dishwasher odors. You don’t have to have a plumber in Sugar Land to clean the dishwasher. In the following we’ll look at what needs cleaning and how, in order to eliminate dishwasher odor.

  • When a dishwasher appears soiled and develops an odor it’s time to clean it. Check the seals around the door and the float. If they need cleaning use a damp, soft toothbrush with a drop of dish washing liquid on it to gently clean the gaskets. Wipe gaskets down with a wet cloth to rinse and allow to air dry. Lift the float to check for soil and debris, as this can result can result in an elevated water level and leakage in the kitchen.
  • If gaskets have mold or mildew that dish liquid washing won’t remove, brush with vinegar or lemon juice. If this isn’t successful use a paste of baking soda, which is slightly abrasive for a gentle scrub. Rinse off with a clean, wet cloth, and repeat with vinegar or lemon juice if necessary and rinse, leaving the door open to dry. The anti-bacterial properties of vinegar or lemon juice will also disinfect the rubber seals.
  • Check the holes in the sprayer arm(s) for blockage. Remove objects such as bits of glass with tweezers or hemostats to avoid injury.
  • The dull white coating that builds up on the interior can be removed and prevented by placing 1 or 2 cups of vinegar in a glass measuring cup or other heavy ceramic vessel in the top rack, and run through a cycle once or twice a month. Vinegar will also eliminate odor and remove soap scum.
  • Check the filter for soil, odor causing food particulates or hard-water buildup that can reduce drainage, and can cause odor and mold as food decomposes. Scrub the filter with a soft brush and dish washing liquid. If mineral deposits or soap scum are stubborn, soak the filter in a vinegar and water solution to loosen, rinse.
  • A dirty or partially clogged dishwasher drain can cause odor, and should be cleaned. This service will require a plumber in Sugar Land.
  • Leaving dirty dishes in the appliance causes odor. It’s understandable to wait for a full load to run the dishwasher, and you can resolve this problem by using the rinse/hold cycle once a day until the day’s dishes have accumulated.
  • The inside of the dishwasher can be cleaned with a cloth and odor absorbing baking soda paste. Wipe off with a wet cloth. Remaining residue won’t cause any harm, running it through a cycle will remove it. You can even place a little baking soda inside to absorb odors, and it’s safe to run it through a cycle.
  • In addition to dishwashing liquid, vinegar and lemon juice, commercial dishwasher cleaning products are available for monthly use to keep the machine clean and odor free. However, you will still have to inspect and clean the door seals, filter and float.
  • Leave the door slightly ajar between cycles to promote drying and reduce moisture, prevent mold, mildew and fungus. Providing air circulation has the added benefit of allowing the dishwasher to air out and assists it to remain odor free.
  • Use the dishwasher frequently. Water can evaporate out of the pump, allowing the seals to dry out and leaks to develop.
  • Don’t use more dishwasher detergent than is recommended. Excessive detergent can cause soap scum on dishes and leads to soap residue build up in the dishwasher. Scum will appear as a whitish coating on the interior. If you have difficulty providing the correct amount, use dishwasher tablets.
  • You can safely substitute rinse aid with vinegar. It disinfects, deodorizes and will eliminate detergent and mineral build-up, though it may not provide the spotless glasses you prefer.
  • Remove paper labels and stickers from jars, and new dishes to keep them from clogging the filter.

Prevent Supply Leaks

Leaks within the supply pipe for in-cabinet dishwashers may be difficult to detect depending upon the surrounding cabinet configuration. Braided stainless steel water supplies are more durable than the average pipe supplied to the dishwasher. If you haven’t already replaced yours with this durable alternative it is advisable to do so. A Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg plumber in Sugar Land can provide this service for you.

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