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Water Jet Plumbing Cleaning | Sugarland

When you have a clog, and plunging, baking soda and vinegar or even an auger hasn’t rid your drain of it, water jetting will provide a solution. Water jetting, also called hydro-jetting, uses pressurized water with rotating jets to cut through the toughest clog and clean pipe thoroughly in your home’s drain and sewer plumbing in Sugar Land.

If you are wondering just how effective water jetting is, consider this – it is the only effective means of ridding your pipes of build-up grease. Even pipe corrosion in metal pipe stands little chance against water jetting, leaving behind smooth walled pipe for efficient drainage. High pressure water jetting is the most effective and comprehensive drain and sewer cleaning service available.

How It Works

The function of water jetting is similar to power washing, but with guidance, control and the ability for a 360 degree deep cleaning of a pipe’s interior. Water jetting is also effective for drain maintenance. It not only cuts right through stubborn clogs, it provides pipes as clean as is possible and helps to eliminate odors. Other methods of drain and sewer cleaning can only remove a portion of the clog, leaving part of it behind to capture material until the pipe is clogged once more. Water-jetting removes the clog, leaving behind pipe that will remain clean for an extended time under normal circumstances.

What Kind of Debris Can Water Jetting Clear?

The high pressure used in water jetting means that a plumber can cut through almost any stubborn clog clinging within your homes plumbing in Sugar Land. As previously stated, it is the only means of thoroughly removing build-up grease, as well as other clogging materials.

Preventative maintenance provides the most efficient plumbing in Sugar Land homes. Preventative measures should include sewer inspections and water jetting, enabling your home to benefit from periodic drain and sewer maintenance. Routine maintenance will help to prevent most clogs. A periodic video pipe inspection and water jetting will keep your pipes trouble free with efficient drainage.

How Safe is Water Jetting?

As water jetting uses water only, it is environmentally approved, safe for both the environment and the plumbing system. Water jetting applies streams of pressurized water with a 360 degree cleaning action to remove grease, debris, pipe corrosion and other build-up from the pipes interior. The forward facing jets’ create forward propulsion carrying the nozzle up the pipe, allowing for a deep, thorough cleaning, while rear facing jets flush the debris back and out of the pipe. This keeps the debris out of sewer treatment facilities, or septic tanks.

When a blockage occurs in your homes sewer plumbing in Sugar Land, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg will identify the blockage with a video pipe inspection. Once the pipe is thoroughly cleaned, the pipe interior will be inspected once more with a free video line post-inspection, ensuring the pipe interior is thoroughly clean, and will provide smooth and efficient drainage.