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Diagnosing Water Line Repair Houston

The majority of homeowner’s in the U.S. are accustomed to a reliable supply of potable water serving their home. Even a brief outage of water for municipal upgrades and repair are an annoying inconvenience. Without water, showering, cooking, laundry, cleaning and even the use of the toilet is impossible. It isn’t always the fault of the water supplier; at times it is our own water supply lines in need of plumbing service that interrupt our water supply. Aging water lines or damage can develop blockages and leaks. At some point, all Houston homes will face having water line repair in Houston or replacement with repiping.

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Water line repair in Houston is a task best left to qualified plumbers with the training and expertise to provide a timely and professional grade repair or installation. When your water line requires repairs or a full replacement, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg for prompt, efficient service you can rely upon.

Signs you need water line repair in Houston

The most obvious and immediate sign that a water line needs the services of a professional plumber is when there is no water flow to taps. However, there are other signs warning homeowner’s of problems with a water line:

  • An abnormally elevated water bill. Use the meter test to check for a leak. Select a time when no one is home to use water. Ensure the water supply is shut off to all automatic water using appliances such as an icemaker, and that no water using appliances are on for the check. This includes the clothes washer, dishwasher, sprinklers or other. Read the dial on your water meter and jot it down. Recheck in 30 minutes to 1 hour. If the dial has moved you may have a leak.
  • Discolored water: While discolored water may indicate a break in the line, allowing the entry of soil contamination, a reddish-brown tint coming from the taps may indicate that corrosion could be affecting the water line. Homes with older piping may have galvanized pipes, which will eventually corrode. A Benjamin Franklin Plumber can determine the cause of your water discoloration and take care of the problem.
  • Loss of water pressure: While there are other potential causes of low water pressure, water line with leaks and/or blockages can result in low water pressure. A professional plumber has the expertise to determine the cause and correct the problem in your home’s water line.
  • Water pooling on the lawn: A water line leak can create pools of water on the lawn. You also may see water flowing onto the street with no signs of water on your lawn. Water on your property isn’t necessarily a leak in your water main; it could be coming from neighboring property. A Benjamin Franklin Plumber can determine the source. When water is threatening your home, foundation or basement, this especially calls for prompt attention before damage can occur to your home or its foundation.
  • Standing water on the floor or soggy carpet
  • Water damage to walls, floor, ceiling or foundation
  • Mold and mildew
  • Musty odor
  • The sound of running water

In the past, the standard method of exterior water line repair in Houston required extensive digging to locate uncover and repair the buried pipes. That is no longer required by today's advanced technology, which enables the plumbers of Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg to utilize trenchless technology to repair or replace pipes with minimal or no disturbance of the lawn in order to provide water line repair in Houston.

Interior leaks are no less problematic and place your home and its foundation at risk of severe damage. Leaks should never be ignored, as damage to your home and its foundation can be catastrophic and costly. Hidden leaks are especially a problem for the homeowner. You may know you have a leak but are unable to locate the source.

Our plumbers are equipped to find leaks, including under-the-slab leaks, and display expertise in successfully locating and repairing leaks. Our plumbers specialize in leak detection and trenchless technology.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg utilize the latest in plumbing technology for diagnoses, repair and replacement, providing the highest standards in the industry for water line repair in Houston, water line replacement and other plumbing services. We serve Houston and the surrounding areas.