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Signs You Need Water Heater Repair | Sugar Land, TX

Signs of Water Heater Failure | Water Heater Repair Sugar Land

The majority of homeowners are unaware that water heater failure is imminent. While you can’t be certain when water heater failure will occur, there are signs of water heater failure that you can be aware of, and in doing so can prevent flooded floors and severe damage to the home and its foundation by scheduling water heater repair in Sugar Land.

Knowing how old the water heater is will alert you of the need to keep a closer eye on it. As the water heater ages the potential for failure will increase. How long a water heater will last depends upon several factors:

  • The chemistry of your water supply. Having hard water and not having a water softener will reduce water heater service life.
  • Whether or not periodic maintenance has been provided. An annual flushing of sediment is recommended in areas with hard water. In areas with extremely hard water the additional drainage of 2-4 quarts every 2-3 months may be necessary. Your plumber is the best source for a suitable maintenance schedule based on your water’s chemistry.

Signs of Water Heater Failure

Potential signs that may indicate water heater failure is imminent are:

Rusty Water

Rusty water when you turn on a hot water tap can be a sign that your water heater is rusting from the inside and can begin to leak at any time. Corroded galvanized piping can also cause rusty water. A rusting water heater will require prompt replacement, as will corroding galvanized piping. Either can result in potentially catastrophic damage to your home and foundation when a leak occurs.

Rumbling and Noise

Sediment builds up in the tank, especially if the water heater isn’t periodically flushed. Over time the sediment hardens as it accumulates and is heated and reheated. Once this occurs, you may hear rumbling or banging noises coming from the water heater when it is heating up. The build-up causes the water heater to use more energy in its attempt to heat water. If your water heater is making rumbling sounds closely monitor for leaks and contact your plumber for water heater repair in Sugar Land.

Moisture around the Water Heater

It is a good idea for homeowner’s to routinely check for any signs of water on or surrounding the water heater. Leaks may come from fittings, connections or other components, and even from a failing tank itself. When your water heater is leaking it is time to call a plumber for water heater repair in Sugarland.

Reduced Hot Water

The appliance no longer provides water of the same temperature or duration as previously. This sign may indicate the need for water heater repair in Sugar Land, rather than replacement.

Water heaters are indispensable for American homes.

Water Heater Emergency

In the event of a water heater emergency, such as leaking water:

  1. Turn off the electric or gas water heater. For a gas model, turn the dial on the thermostat from the “on” position to the “off” position. For an electric model, turn off the power supply to the water heater at the appliance or the circuit breaker in the home’s electrical service panel.
  2. Turn off the appliance water supply.
  3. Drain the water heater if it is leaking. Attach a garden hose to the drain faucet near the bottom of the unit and run the other end of the hose to a lower location where hot water will not cause damage. Place a towel under the valve in the event it leaks around the garden hose. Then, open the hot water side of a nearby faucet. Finally, open the drain valve on the water heater and allow it to drain. This method may also be used to drain sediment during periodic maintenance.
  4. Contact a plumber for water heater repair in Sugar Land.

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