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Preventing Clogged Drains

Prevent clogged drains before they become a major nuisance 

The inconvenience of a clogged drain is always frustrating for any home owner. For slow drain, no drain and backed up drain problems, call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for a professional plumber in Katy. As it is with many things, prevention is the best policy. Once your drains are cleaned and free flowing, use the following tips to help prevent future drain problems:

  • Grease, fat and oils belong in the trash, and not the drain – Cooking grease, fats and oil should never be placed into the drain. Store them in a tightly sealed container and dispose of them in the trash. Carefully wipe as much grease or oily residue as possible from cookware with absorbent paper towels. While hot water may melt grease and flush it down the drain, it solidifies as it cools, forming hard clogs in your pipes. Filling your sink up with hot water once a month can help to prevent the build-up of residual grease, oil and fat.
  • Use garbage disposals appropriately – Observe disposal guidelines: Do not use the kitchen disposal for hard foods such as bone, nut shells, peach seeds or cherry pits; stringy or fibrous foods such as chicken skin, celery, greens such as kale, corn husks, banana peels, or onion skins; or starchy foods that can swell and clog such as rice or pasta. Don’t place paper, foam meat trays, plastic or metal into the disposal.
  • Turn cold water on before using the garbage disposal, let it run during its use, and allow it to continue to run for 20 seconds or longer after you have finished with the disposal. This ensures food particles are flushed out of the disposal and through the pipes. Failure to do this will result in a clogged disposal or drain. Hot water should not be used while the garbage disposal is operating, but can be used at any other time.
  • Place a few ice cubes or frozen vinegar cubes in the disposal once a month to sharpen and clean the blades. Vinegar frozen in an ice tray cleans and deodorizes the disposal for a clean fresh scent. Refer to your appliances owner’s manual for proper use of the appliance.
  • Prevent a backed up toilet – A toilet is not designed for just anything to be flushed. Paper towels, feminine products, makeup, medication, toys, chemicals, cotton swabs, cotton balls, baby wipes (those that claim to be biodegradable are not), wrappers, rubber or plastic products, or other non-biodegradable items should not be flushed. Toilets are for bathroom tissue and human waste – and nothing else.
  • Use strainers in drains – Install strainers in sinks, tubs and showers. A strainer will catch food, hair, and other clog forming debris that results in the need for drain cleaning from a plumber in Katy. Use a basin or bowl for shaving, this hair clogs drains as well.
  • Provide periodic drain cleaning – Prevent stubborn drain clogs with periodic drain cleaning by a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Katy. An annual drain cleaning will help to ensure efficient drains, and prevent odors. Frequency will depend upon household member’s habits. Following these tips can keep drains flowing efficiently for several years. Failure to observe good habits can result in annual drain cleaning, or even more frequently.
  • Clogged sewer line – A clogged sewer line can result in all drains are experiencing slow drainage or no drainage. A problem in one location only is more likely to be within the locations drain alone. A Benjamin Franklin plumber in Katy can provide a video pipe inspection of the drain and/or sewer line, accurately pinpointing the cause of the drainage problem. Your Benjamin Franklin plumber in Katy will then safely clear the issue, restoring free flow of the pipe. Once the pipes are cleaned, we will provide a free post-cleaning video pipe inspection to ensure the clog is cleared.

    When the drain or sewer pipe is clogged with grease, high pressure water jetting provides the only effective means of cleaning pipes thoroughly. Water jetting is also an effective method of reducing the corrosion on the inner pipe walls of cast iron pipes, providing a smoother surface and more efficient flow in sewage pipes.

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