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How To Prevent Water Heater Repair | Katy, TX

Like any appliance, a water heater will eventually wear out and require water heater repair in Katy. If your water heater is making unusual noises, fails to produce hot water or is leaking, it is in need of repair or replacement. It is common for the homeowner to not suspect any problems until you end up taking a cold shower.

The following lists some common water heater problems and what you should do when they occur

Water Leaks

If you find puddles of water beneath or surrounding the water heater look for the source. First, shut off the power to an electric water heater to prevent shock. If you recently flushed the tank, tighten the drain valve. Check the incoming cold water line, and hot water line for leaks.

Over time, hard water will corrode the steel tank, which will eventually result in a leak. If mold or mildew is present on the walls, there may be a leak. A leaking tank will require replacement, whereas a leak in water lines and replaceable components can be taken care of with water heater repair in Katy.

A Lack of Hot Water

There are a number of problems that could affect the water heaters ability to produce hot water. If the problem can’t be resolved by relighting a pilot on a gas water heater or restoring power from a thrown breaker on an electric water heater, it’s time to call a plumber to provide water heater repair in Katy.

Discolored Water

The majority of water heaters has an anode rod, designed to prevent rusting of the water heater. If rust-colored water comes out of the hot water tap, the anode rod (also called a sacrificial rod) may need replacing. Discolored water can also be caused by corroded galvanized pipes, or the build-up of sediment inside the tank. Unfortunately, it may indicate the tank is rusting from the inside out, and will require replacement before a leak occurs that can cause serious damage to your home and/or foundation.

Water Heater Making a Weird Noise

Unusual noises coming from the water heater are likely to indicate that hard water scale has accumulated inside the tank. Schedule a plumber to provide water heater repair in Katy.

As a hot water heater ages the potential for a breakdown or complete failure increases. The chemistry of the local water supply and the amount of maintenance provided will affect the appliance’s longevity. Hard water, a lack of maintenance and the failure to provide timely water heater repair in Katy will significantly shorten its service life and reduce efficiency. An aging water heater will steadily lose energy efficiency over time. A new water heater will be significantly more energy efficient.

Replacement vs. Water Heater Repair in Katy

A professional plumber is the best source for identifying water heater problems. A licensed plumber has the training and knowledge to recognize the best solution in the decision to provide water heater repair in Katy or to replace the water heater.

When you are faced with water heater replacement you will need to keep the following in mind:

  • Gas or electric – The majority of homeowners replace with the same energy sourced water heater. There are two models to choose from – electric or gas. If you are considering a swap from electric to gas consider that additional labor may be involved. An electric to gas exchange will require gas lines and a ventilation flue to be installed.
  • Gallon capacity – When adequate hot water is insufficient upgrade to a larger capacity.
  • Recovery rate – Large household will want a fast recovery rate, otherwise the wait between showers will be excessive.
  • Dimensions – Measure the space to ensure a new water heater will fit in the location.
  • Energy efficiency – Upgrading to a more energy efficient model will save money on the cost of energy.

Provide Annual Maintenance

Annual maintenance will extend the service life of the water heater and help to maintain energy efficiency and performance. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing offers this service for your convenience.

  • Drain the water heater annually to flush sediment, maintain its efficiency and performance, and to extend its service life.
  • Set the thermostat temperature to 120 degrees. This will prevent the risk of scalding, reduce potential damage due to overheating, and will prevent bacterial growth in the tank.
  • Insulate visible hot water pipes to maintain the water temperature as it travels through pipes, reducing wear and tear on the appliance, and to save energy.

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