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Professional Gas Line Repair

Gas line leaks and repair are nothing to mess with. If you smell a foul smell or sense that you have a leak somewhere in your gas line, call us immediately to check the situation. Chances are you need a gas line repair and we are the ones to get the job done right and efficiently. In Houston or any other city, gas is transported into your home via a gas line. It is then directed throughout your home to different appliances that use the gas as fuel such as clothes dryers, stoves, water heaters and more.

It is good to point out that the gas lines that run from the meter into your home are your responsibility and the homeowner is fully liable for all repairs and maintenance. Any repair work that needs to happen past the meter is the city’s responsibility. Many factors play a contributing role in gas leaks or problems with your gas line. These include age or pressure, worn out pipes, or poor installation.

A gas line repair is not a do-it-yourself project. Always call your local Houston plumber to assess your particular situation if you are suspicious. A good indicator of gas leaks is a foul-smelling, sulfuric odor that is added to natural gas to help homeowners identify gas leaks. If that is the case, leave your home immediately and call us. We are certified and licensed to care for your gas line properly and timely. Safety is our primary concern and we will make sure you and your family are properly cared for.

If you are suspicious of a gas leak, exit your home and do not light a match, turn on or off any electronics, or try to find the leak. Let the professionals find the problem so you don’t have to worry.