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Houston Plumbing Tips

Houston Plumber FAQ

When you’ve been in the business for a long time, you tend to notice the same questions asked over and over. Whether in Houston or anywhere else, these frequently asked questions can be big problems or small problems and they can vary from your kitchen to the bathroom. Let’s try to answer some of these plumber FAQs now.

  1. I have a garbage disposal in my kitchen. What is safe to put down there? The most important thing when running your disposal is to keep water on to help flush the waste and break up the food, even when disposing of fat and grease. Keep the food you put down the disposal soft and brittle, like egg shells, cooked food, and small pieces that will flush through the pipes easily. Fibrous debris like corn husks can get caught up in the blades and course food like bones and coffee grounds can wear out the blades fast. It’s best to save these for the trash.
  2. Is copper piping better? Copper piping will not rust like galvanized iron piping and will provide safe, clean water for years. The life expectancy of copper is the same as the building, meaning you won’t ever have to worry about it.
  3. How long will my water heater last? If you are talking about a traditional storage water heaters, they can last anywhere from 7-20 years depending greatly on maintenance and repair frequency from your Houston plumber , hard water and sediment in your area, amount of use, and other factors. Tankless water heaters that use super-heating, instant technology to heat water typically last much longer.
  4. I keep smelling foul odors in my drains and toilet. Why is this? Pipes under the sink have curves in them called traps to help prevent odors from coming up from the sewers in Houston. Odors can occur when the traps dry up, so try pouring water down the drains to refill the trap and lock out the odor. White vinegar might also help deodorize the trap.