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Houston Plumber Explain Low Water Pressure: Pt. 2

If you are experiencing low flow or low water pressure, there are several things your Houston plumbing experts will look for when they try to diagnose the issue. If you have already tried replacing the aerators in your sink and checked the whole faucet fixture, it may be time to look deeper.

Sometimes Houston will have lower city water pressure and it will affect the flow into your home. You can test for low water pressure by screwing a water pressure test gauge with a hose connection on to a hose faucet. Make sure all of the water is off to your home. If the range is around 60, that’s a good read. You can also have the plumbing experts install a pressure boost system to help with the problem.

Cracked, damaged or leaky pipes can also cause low flow of water in your home. An easy way to figure out if you have a leak in your pipes is to shut off all of the water in your home and record what your water meter says. Come back a couple of hours later and take the reading again. If the meter has increased with no known usage, chances are you have a leak somewhere. Call your Houston plumbing company to detect exactly where it is before you lose money on wasted water!

One last easy fix you can try on your fixtures is cleaning the mineral build-up that can occur. You can use plain white vinegar, soaking them for 15 mins, or a chemical-based cleaning agent that combats calcium and lime deposits. Sometimes these agents just don’t work as well as a professional product. If you sense that the problem is mineral build-up, your Houston plumbing experts can do a deep clean of your pipes and get your water flowing again.