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Essential Plumbers’ Tools

Houston homeowners need to be ready for anything. Hazardous weather can cause damage, aging homes will need repairs, unforeseen catastrophes can happen any day. Sometimes, the only real problem is something small, something easily fixable, like a leaky faucet. Houston plumbers are always willing, ready, and able to come help with these minor repairs, but it’s a good idea to know a little something about the plumbing system that is in and under your house. Do you know the basic plumbers’ tools any homeowner should have handy?

Essential tools for plumbing


This handy tool should be in almost every bathroom, just in case. Sometimes, all your toilet needs is a good plunging to remove debris that is caught in the pipes. Invest in a heavy duty plunger that will really do the job well.

Open-end Wrench

Leaks can happen in old or new homes and comes with use, wear, or just a loose connection. An open-end wrench may be all you need to tighten the loose nut. You may need a small set with varying sizes to fit a variety of connections.

Pipe Wrench

Tightening soft iron pipes are done using a pipe wrench. These pipes can place a lot of pressure on the pipe without a lot of work. These are adjustable so it can fit many different sizes of pipe. They are not intended for use on hardened steel hex nuts or other fittings because they would ruin the head; however, if a hex nut is soft enough that it becomes rounded beyond use with a standard wrench, a pipe wrench can be used to break the bolt or nut free.

Basin Wrench

Basin wrenches, or sink wrenches, are for loosening and tightening bolts under a sink. This tool is specifically designed to turn fasteners in confined spaces where it would normally be difficult or impossible to use a plumber wrench or other type of wrench.

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