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Re-Piping Old Plumbing in Houston

Older homes and historic homes often provide a craftsmanship that is almost unheard of in modern homes. However, as unique and charming as they are, they can present the homeowner with unexpected expenses and trouble, especially in the plumbing system. If your charming historic home is becoming a nightmare due to aging plumbing in Houstonre-piping may be the wisest solution. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg can take care of your plumbing issues, restoring both your peace of mind, as well as providing you with reliable new plumbing by re-piping.

Signs You May Need Re-Piping

You may not know how old the plumbing is in your older or historic home, or how to tell if its plumbing in Houston is at the end of its service life. Many older homes are piped with galvanized plumbing. The following are some issues commonly seen when galvanized pipes need to be replaced.

  • Corrosion, leaks and low water pressure – Many older homes have galvanized pipes. As they age, they develop corrosion which can lead to restricted water flow, leaks and stains on fixtures.
  • Discolored water – Corrosion can take the form of mineral build-up due to mineral laden hard water, as well as rust in galvanized pipes. This can lead to discolored water. When a tap is turned on the water may be rusty colored which fades as fresh water runs. The water may remain slightly discolored as it runs with an orange, red, brown or yellow discoloration.
  • Discolored water is rightfully viewed with a distasteful eye. It may in fact be associated with something far more dangerous- lead. Galvanized pipe itself doesn’t typically contain lead. However, lead service lines were once common until approximately 1960, and if your water service line is or was lead, lead may have accumulated inside of your corroded galvanized water lines. Even if lead service lines have been replaced, the only way to assure you and your family are not at risk for the ingestion of lead, is to replace corroded galvanized pipes (and service lines if necessary), and plumbing fixtures, with modern plumbing in Houston.
  • Aged plumbing that contains lead can release temporarily increased amounts when high water flow occurs, when water hammer occurs, or other disturbance of the pipes. Increased amounts may be experienced when lead service lines are replaced, a hot water heater replacement, or any other work or disturbance to the plumbing in Houston. Flushing the pipes will not diminish lead from corroded galvanized pipes. If you have corroded galvanized pipes and never had lead service lines, let the water run for approximately two minutes prior to using water for cooking or drinking, if it has been several hours since any water has been used.
  • Water Testing may not reveal lead even if it is present. If you have, or have had lead service lines and have galvanized pipes, lead is most likely released intermittently, rather being of a consistent level. A single water test is not likely to provide an accurate result of actual lead levels. This is because the lead will imbed in rusted interior areas of galvanized pipes over the decades. The factors that can cause release will vary on an individual basis.

Galvanized piping is no longer used. If your historic home contains galvanized pipes it will require replacement eventually. Galvanized pipes corrode and are subject to bursting, flooding your home with water that can cause expensive repairs. In historic properties, what is destroyed can’t always be replaced. Protect your investment and home by having your aged plumbing in Houston replaced before damage can occur.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg's licensed plumbers will provide reliable re-piping, and always treats your home with respect and care. When you want plumbing in Houston that you can count on, give our professionals a call. We stand behind our 100% satisfaction guarantee on each and every job.