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History of Houston Texas Plumbers

Modern plumbing systems and plumbers have come a long way in its inception. The civilizations such as the Greek, Roman, Persian, Indian and Chinese cultures needed some way to transfer waste water and supply potable water to people. In these first cities it was a need for the public baths that were being developed.

The Romans developed an intelligent and highly efficient system of water transport called aqueducts. These series of channels moved water from distant sources with gravity alone, being constructed along a slight downward gradient within conduits of stone, brick, or concrete. Their plumbers were also stoneworkers! Most were buried beneath the ground or carried on bridges and supplied the public baths, latrines, fountains and private households. This method of plumbing was so efficient, durable, and reliable, there was no need until the 1800s when cities grew much more dense.

Disease began to spread and public health was becoming more of an urgent issue. A better waste disposal system needed to be developed and implemented by the plumbers. Eventually separate underground water and sewage systems would eliminate open sewage ditches and cesspools.

Lead piping and galvanized iron was originally used for water transfer and antiquated plumbing, and was used for a long while. Now, the use of lead for potable water has ceased since the awareness for the dangers of lead poisoning is known. After about 1960, copper, brass, PVC and other nontoxic materials have replaced lead and systems use a complex network of high-pressure pumps and pipes. These are the materials you’ll find used in Houston and across Texas by modern plumbers.

So, ever since the beginning of plumbing, there has been a need for someone who specializes in installing and maintaining these systems. “Plumber” is actually related to the Latin word “plumbum” which means lead (hence the abbreviation of ‘Pb’ for lead on the periodic table). Years of specialized training and/or experience are needed to become a skilled plumber in Houston TX.