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Water Heater Maintenance & Repair

Do you have a sediment issue in your water heater? Do you know what to look for/ listen to? Sometimes, especially with electric water heaters, you will hear a bubbling or gurgling sound every time it cycles on, especially from the lower side of the tank. Typically, hissing or some kind of noise every once in a while is normal, but not every time.

It is recommended that at least once a year, especially in parts of the country that have hard water like Houston TX, homeowners get their water heater serviced with a blowout or flush. This process required hooking up a hose to the front valve of the unit, applying pressure so the sediment is blown out of the heater. Sometimes the buildup looks white and “milky”, due to the minerals that have settled in the water heater. Also, rocks and dirt, especially if you have well water, can get trapped in the water heater and cause problems. If you can avoid making water heater repairs with regular maintenance, it’s smart to do so.

If you have an electric or gas water heater, it would be wise to call your local Houston plumber to avoid further problems like leakage. One quick maintenance appointment could save you years of life in your unit and prevent continuous water heater repair from being needed.