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Plumber in Rosenberg TX

Let’s face it, Texans, we have a great state, but we truly don’t have the best soil. When it’s as dry as it gets in Texas, or as wet as it sometimes gets in Texas, slab leaks can be what will keep a plumber in Rosenberg TX quite busy. The freezing temperatures in winter and ground movement from the rain are also more of what’s causing many slab leaks, especially in low-lying areas.

The ground, of course, is like a humongous sponge and large amounts of rain lead to ground movement, which can cause damage to the pipes and sewer lines under the ground. With the ground being saturated and the grass clearly being wet because of the rain, any extra water bubbling up due to a leak will quite often go unnoticed.

Unfortunately, it sometimes takes a giant water bill to recognize that there’s even a problem. There have even been extreme cases where a regular water bill of $50 became as high as $3000 as leaks went undiscovered. When a leak isn’t just a simple leak but is also a hot water leak, you can have not only the water expense but the expense of heating the water as well.

The bad news is that there isn’t a lot a homeowner can do to keep this from happening. Your best bet is to fix it quickly with a plumber in Rosenberg TX. You can find out if you have a leak by shutting off your water supply and then listening to see if you hear any running water. It’s important to recognize any sound and have it checked out as soon as possible by a plumber in Rosenberg TX, to prevent greater cost.

The sooner a leak is discovered, the less damage to your pocketbook.

Plumber In Rosenberg TX