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Green Drain Cleaning

As a homeowner in Houston, TX, your drains get quite a daily workout in order to maintain the health and hygiene of your family. Drains take a great deal of use and abuse from routine activities such as dish washing, showering and food preparation. Over time, buildup can cause drains to empty slowly or not at all. While hardware and mass merchandise stores sell all sorts of chemical treatments to clean your drains, one look at the ingredients list may send you running out of the store. Our plumbers offer these green tips for drain cleaning in your home.

Homemade Green Drain Cleaners
If you prefer to use green methods of keeping your drains free of clogs and buildup, you might consider making your own green drain cleaner. With this recipe, you do not have to prepare anything in advance, but instead you just use it when you notice that one of your drains is emptying slowly. First, remove the stopper from the sink. Then, measure 1 cup of sea salt, kosher salt, table salt or rock salt and pour it into a container. In medium sized saucepan, boil 4 cups of water. Pour the salt into the drain, followed by the boiling water. Avoid using the sink for at least 4 hours. Replace the stopper and flush the sink with cold water.

Commercial Green Drain Cleaners
Many retailers offer already made green cleaning solutions for household drains. Be sure to read the ingredients and warning labels, as these may still contain harsh chemicals that require protection of your skin and eyes.

Maintaining Clean Drains
Keep your drains clean by performing regular maintenance and taking care about what you send down the pipes. Use mesh strainers to prevent large debris from going down. Avoid pouring grease down drains. Use a drain auger once a month to loosen hair and soap scum.

Plumbing Repair
If your attempts to clean your drains are unsuccessful, our plumbing repair experts are available 24/7 to clean your drains.

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg, we offer green drain cleaning solutions for your home so that you can enjoy the benefit of freely emptying drains without the worries of harsh chemicals and environmental degradation. When you need green drain cleaning tips, our professional plumbers are always available to provide advice and assistance. To schedule your drain cleaning service in Houston, call us today at (281) 616-3978.