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Plumbers vs. Liquid Drain Cleaners

Many homeowners put away money for major emergencies, whether they be plumbing-related or HVAC-related. Although saving is good, it’s obvious that everyone would rather use that money on something else – like a vacation or a new television for the living room.

When a plumbing issue comes up, some homeowners do everything possible to keep that money in the bank. Plumbers are receiving less and less phone calls each year for clogged drains, because homeowners feel the liquid drain cleaners, such as Drano and Liquid Plumr, will get the job done. Although effective, these cleaners may not be enough to fix the issue, depending on the severity of the clog.

The active ingredients in liquid drain cleaners (bleach, lye and water) basically dissolve particles in drains such as food, grease, soap and other like particles. They can be temporary answers, however, to problems that consistently pop up. This is when a plumbing professional needs to be called, as the clog can be severe. It’s best to contact a plumber early to avoid even worse problems later.

It’s better to have the problem handled completely rather than partially. When it comes to clogs and drain cleaning, have our experienced Houston plumbers work for you. Call our Houston TX plumbing company today, or contact us online for information.