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Why You Shouldn’t Delay Plumbing Services

It was in the news recently that a hospital was struggling with old plumbing and the associated woes involved. While your home may never have the horrendous accumulation of failures that this establishment was found to have, there is a lesson to be learned. Don’t put off plumbing services. It is easier on your budget to handle each situation as it surfaces than to find yourself, as they did, with a huge amount of work needed and a lack of repair funds to make them.

Not only did they face repairs they couldn’t afford, but they put everyone there in a tough spot dealing with constant leaks, drain issues, and other conditions that made it difficult to retain good staff members. Who wants to work in those conditions? A similar situation could happen at your home if you keep delaying plumbing services, but instead of employees being inconvenienced, it is your own family.

An ideal solution to keeping plumbing services affordable is obtaining plumbing services from a company with a maintenance program. Here at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Morganton, we offer complete home coverage for a low monthly fee that provides for an annual 14-point inspection, priority service on all plumbing services, and a 15% discount on all repairs and replacements.

You will never again need to delay plumbing services, therefore avoiding more expensive repairs later or making your family upset with you. With our on-time guarantee, you won’t even have to waste valuable time waiting for our distinctive big blue truck to roll up. Call us today at (828) 548-4048 to learn more.