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Your Toilets Work Their Best When You Have Professional Help

You don’t think about how important properly functioning toilets are until you discover one isn’t working. Or, there is that horrible moment when a toilet overflows and you feel helpless to stop it. When it comes to malfunctioning toilets, there are a few reasons having a professional plumber on call is important when something unexpected comes up.

  • Clogs – A clogged toilet is never fun, especially when you aren’t really sure what caused the problem in the first place. A professional can work to get your clog removed and ensure that your toilet is back in working order in no time.
  • Leaks – If you’ve ever noticed your toilet leaking around the tank or at the base, this could mean there are some serious problems. A professional can check for cracks in the tank, water connection issues, and if the wax ring underneath needs to be replaced.
  • Tank Repair – The pump inside the tank can be a big pain when it stops doing its job. Your tank may run endlessly or refuse to refill with water when you’ve flushed. A professional can determine the root cause of the problem and provide replacement parts as needed to get your tank operating properly again.

While these are a few of the things to look for with toilets, a professional can also help with the installation and replacement of your toilets, whether you are updating your bathroom or your current toilets have simply stopped working. Contact us at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Morganton when you discover you need assistance with your toilets. We will be glad to help you!