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Reverse Osmosis Water Filter: Six Unbeatable Benefit

an image of a plumber installing a reverses osmosis system

You need to quench your thirst on a hot summer day. You don’t want a soda or a Gatorade—you want a cool, refreshing sip of water.

Do you grab a bottle of water? Or would you rather the simplicity of pouring a healthy, good-tasting glass of water from the sink?

The pinnacle of home water filtration – a reverse osmosis filter – means you can have the purest, best-tasting water whenever you want from your sink. Reverse osmosis systems purify drinking water by forcing the water through a semi-permeable barrier that blocks any contaminants, yet allows the clean water through.

Reverse osmosis systems mean you enjoy the best, healthiest water on-demand from your kitchen sink. Here are the six unbeatable benefits of a reverse osmosis water filter.

Reverse Osmosis Benefits

1) Clean, good-tasting water

Tap water doesn’t always taste the best — or anywhere close to it. The impurities often make water taste chalky. Trace amounts of the chlorine used to treat the water supply can end up in your drinking water.

Imagine that you’re thirsty for a glass of cool, clear water — yet you end up tasting a swimming pool instead.

Since your reverse osmosis filter will eliminate those impurities, you get a delicious glass of water every time.

2) Healthy water

Going beyond what you taste, some unfiltered tap water can contain trace amounts of unhealthy chemicals and minerals that may be linked to long-term health problems.

Reverse osmosis filters provide the highest quality of water filtration on the market today.

How effective is it? To give you an idea, bottled water manufacturers use reverse osmosis filtration. That’s right – you can have the same technology in your home as the companies that specialize in bottling water.

3) Convenience

So if bottled water manufacturers use reverse osmosis filters, you can essentially enjoy bottled-water quality water from your sink whenever you want.

That means you get the taste and health of bottled water anytime, and you enjoy as much or as little as you want.

4) Big Savings

Not having to buy to bottle after bottle, case after case, of water means you save money, too. Even if you buy your bottles in bulk, a family of four that only drinks bottled water can easily spend over $1,000 per year on it.

an image of costly water bottle

When you have a powerful reverse osmosis filter by your sink, you and your whole family can enjoy gallons of clean and healthy water — while saving big money over time.

5) Environmental Benefits

Next Earth Day, you’ll really have something to brag about. Even though water bottles are recycled, creating millions of them every year still consumes vital resources.

By reducing how many plastic bottles you use, you lessen your environmental impact.

6) Better-Tasting Food

You might not expect this last benefit, but follow us for a second here.

Think about that chalky, chlorine-tinged tap water that you don’t like to drink. You still cook with it right?

So that means that all of those impurities get transferred to the meals you make your family. Start your meals off right with the purest water possible.

Reverse Osmosis Filter from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing

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