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Bottled Water vs Filtered Water: Price Comparison

an image of a fresh water fountain

So, two questions: Do you drink bottled water and, do you mind if we blow your mind real quick?

So you know bottled water is a tad more expensive than tap water. Depending on the quantity you buy, bottled water costs between 1000X and 4000X more!

Yet you justify that markup because bottled water brings serious health benefits. You imagine only the purest, cleanest natural water ends up in your bottle…

An image of a fresh water fountatin


Water like this.

Here’s the mind-blower… 45% of bottled water, including big names such as Aquafina (owned by Pepsi), Dasani (owned by Coke) and Nestle comes from a municipal water source, meaning tap water. Yup, while the bottle logos might show an idyllic mountainside spring, the water inside comes from the tap —just like in your house.

Let’s dig into our nation’s bottled water habits, the price of drinking the stuff, and a few healthy water alternatives.

Bottled Water Nation

To say humans can’t live without water is an iron-clad scientific fact. To say that Americans can’t live without bottled water is pretty darn close to a fact too.

For example:

In 2015, Americans bought and drank 50 billion bottles of water, making bottled water a $100 billion dollar industry.

In fact, in 2016, bottled water has surpassed soda as the most popular drink nationally.

While bottled water is certainly healthier for your body than soda, it’s not healthier for your wallet.

We know that bottled water isn’t the elixir of life, we know it doesn’t have magical properties, it’s just clean water. So let’s look for a more cost-effective alternative.

Price of Bottled Water

Let’s say you ONLY drink bottled water, but you buy in bulk. Are you convinced you’re saving money?

an image of a bottle of water

Let’s use Dasani as an example. You can get a case of 24 Dasani bottles for about $6.

Let’s say you drink an average of 3 bottles per day:

  • One in the morning for work/lunch

  • One at dinner

  • One in the evening

Let’s count the cost of your bottled water habit.

3 bottles X 365 days = 1,095 bottles per year

1,095 bottles/24 bottles per case = 46 cases per year (rounding up)

46 cases X $6 = $276 spent on bottled water per year.

Yet when you run a household, you think about any purchase on a family basis.

So let’s say you have a family of 4, and each of you love bottled water:

$276 X 4 family members = $1,104 for water per year

You’re paying $1,104 just to keep everyone hydrated. You might be thinking, how could I be spending over a thousand dollars and not know it?

It’s because you spend $6 at a time — picking up a pack of water or two becomes routine when you shop for groceries. You tend to forget.

But still you’re paying a thousand dollars per year for fancy filtered water and pretty packaging. Is there a better way to stay hydrated with clean, healthy water? You bet.

Water Filter Pitcher

A basic but functional water filter, water pitchers employ carbon filters to remove some harmful contaminates from tap water. In addition these filters improve tap water taste.

an image of a water filter pitcher

The filter pitcher: $21

Replacement filters: $6 – manufacturers recommend you replace the filter every month for the healthiest filtration.

Sturdy reusable water bottle: $10

Price Breakdown:

Average water price: $0.0046 per gallon.

Let’s say your family drinks 1,000 gallons per year.

$0.0046 X 1000 gallons = $4.60 for the water itself.

$6 per filter X 12 months = $72 for filters.

$10 per sturdy water bottle X 4 family members = $40 for water.

$72 + $21 + $40 + $4.60 = $137.60

$140 is the approximate total cost for all the water you can drink. Sounds pretty good, right? Well let’s not hand out any blank checks just yet.


  • Savings

  • Some people say water pitchers are quirky and cute

  • Unlimited supply of water on hand


  • Not as clean or healthy as bottled water

  • Takes about 30 minutes to completely filter

  • Limited space per pitcher

  • Wastes space in fridge

Water Filtration System

Professionally-installed water filters employ reverse osmosis to clean your tap water. That means you get unlimited, immediate access to as much clean water as you can drink—right at your kitchen sink. This high-tech filter represents the gold-standard for clean healthy water.

an image of a wter filtration system

In fact, the bottled water companies typically use this type of system, too. However since this filtration method requires a professional service, its more difficult to present an exact price.

Price Breakdown

$0.0046 X 1000= $4.60 for the water itself

Likely between $200-$300 = high-end filter

Likely between $200-$300 = professional installation

$10 per sturdy water bottle X 4 family members = $40

$200 + $200+ $40 + $4.60 = Likely between $500 and $600


  • Healthiest Water Available

  • Savings Every Year

  • Unlimited Water on Demand


  • Initial Cost Paid All at Once

Bottled Water vs Filtered Water: Wrap-up

We hope we’ve encouraged you to think a little bit more about the water you drink on a daily basis.

Now you have a better feel for the price comparison of bottled water—and two cost effective alternatives. If this blew your mind in a small way, share with someone who loves bottled water as much as you.

If you’re ready to have a conversation about the saving money while drinking pure, healthy water, give us a call.

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