Our Past, Your Future

Our Past, Your Future

As a plumbing company owner, you know there are many challenges that come along with the job. But you don't have to face them alone. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing has been franchising successfully since 2001, growing our family and expanding our reach.

Our Past Experience

For the past 20 years, we have built our brand into one of the most recognizable names in the industry by delivering high-quality plumbing services. From complete marketing solutions to proven blueprints for success in the plumbing industry, new and existing business owners continue to find success following our proven systems.

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, we're not only here to deliver punctual plumbing services of the highest quality, we're also here to support you in every way possible so that you can find success in the plumbing industry.

Beginning with our dedication to always being on time for our scheduled appointments, we have continued to look for ways to separate our brand from the competition. Now known as The Punctual Plumber®, we don't take this title lightly and continue to live up to the reliable reputation we've earned. This reputation is important to gaining customers as it helps to build trust and confidence in your location, leading to positive reviews and word-of-mouth advertising, ensuring you are not only growing your client base, but also securing repeat business.

Your Future

Plumbing veterans and newcomers alike can benefit from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing’s past successes. Here are 3 advantages to owning a Benjamin Franklin Plumbing franchise.

  1. Recognizable Name
    In a commoditized industry like plumbing, name recognition can help you differentiate yourself from competitors and stand out in the marketplace. With so many other companies offering similar services, it can be difficult for consumers to distinguish one business from another. By leveraging the Benjamin Franklin Plumbing brand and reputation you’ll be associating your work with the quality and reliability consumers nationwide have come to know us for. As a Benjamin Franklin Plumbing franchise owner, you have access to many advantages that other solo plumbing companies don't. Our franchise owners benefit from decades of well-known name recognition of the Benjamin Franklin brand, as well as our proven business processes that have helped hundreds of owners succeed.

    Daniel Gagne, owner of a Benjamin Franklin Plumbing location in the San Francisco Bay Area, had this to say: "The franchise has definitely been an edge for us. I think the name Ben Franklin is an easily recognizable name, and I think we have built a good image. I think the benefit to employees is definitely plenty of work."

    You too can enjoy similar success by making use of all the resources and support available to you as a Benjamin Franklin Plumbing franchise owner!

  2. Proven Operational Tools
    At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, we have a wide variety of proven systems, tools, and processes for franchise ownership success. Our OpX system is designed to streamline the daily operations of your business, from invoices to payroll. This allows you to focus on providing great plumbing service while our system handles the rest. Additionally, you will have access to an army of subject matter experts to improve your digital and local marketing efforts, to ensure your schedule stays full and your trucks stay on the road.

  3. Low Costs
    When you franchise with Benjamin Franklin you don’t just benefit from our team and experience, you also benefit from our partners. We have access to partnerships that make you eligible for a wide variety of rebates and discounts on the products and tools you need to succeed. Every Benjamin Franklin Plumbing franchise owner receives benefits as a member of BuyMax, a contractor-founded organization that provides the buying power of large corporations to small businesses, delivers networking opportunities, and offers business education to owners. With BuyMax, franchise owners can purchase products, report them, and then receive money back for their purchases.


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