Women in Plumbing Industry excel in a male-dominated business

blue box with 9 women walking across vertically holding signs that say girl power. On the top it saying celebrating women in franchising

Women in Plumbing Industry excel in a male-dominated business

When you think of a plumber what do you think? While the trade industry is male-dominated, franchising in the trades, women are starting to take over. Now more than 8.6 million women-owned businesses generate over $1.3 trillion in revenues and employ nearly 7.8 million people in the United States.

Though there are about 3.5% of all Plumbers are women, while 96.5% are men. Benjamin Franklin is changing the game and having more women franchise owners. Courtney Wilkinson, the franchise owner is trying to do her part to increase the industry’s accessibility for women. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Arlington currently has two female plumbing apprentices.

Benjamin Franklin promotes and celebrates women in the trades by offering $5,000 off the initial franchise fee to any woman who wants to own the franchise. We also put in many systems that appeal to women such as:

Training and Business Coaching

Running a business is hard enough, so when you need to hire people and train them, it makes it much more difficult. That’s why Benjamin Franklin put in:

  • Human resources, safety, and administrative procedures
  • Customer service
  • Managing your call center
  • Business planning and inventory management
  • Marketing, promotion, and networking through professional organizations
  • Understanding Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that drive every aspect of your company’s financials and balance sheet

By providing this, we allow more owners to take control of their business and focus on being the best in the industry.


Everyone is going online, and marketing is a major player in the game. Benjamin Franklin provides all the tools you need to set your business up for success. Let's look at what tools we give:

  • Marketing toolbox that provides custom marketing materials
  • On-call marketing coach that helps optimize your advertising dollars.
  • A locally optimized website that helps bring in traffic for your business.

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