What Makes the Perfect Plumbing Franchise Owner?


Just like a plumbing problem, you shouldn’t jump into anything blind. It’s important to complete enough research and your own due diligence to ensure you’re making the best choice for yourself and your future.

One of the first things you should consider when starting your own plumbing company is whether you want to franchise or not. The follow-up question is, do you think you would be a good franchise business owner? While this can be challenging and somewhat daunting to reflect on on your own, it’s important to do so.

While you think that having a “business owner mentality” may be good enough to get you to your end goals as a business owner, we believe it’s much more than that, especially when you’re looking to franchise.

The Perfect Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Franchise Owner

Throughout our decades of franchising, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing has seen all types of franchise owners come and go. We’ve been able to gain a full understanding of not only what makes an ideal plumbing company owner but what traits are needed to take things to the next level.

Problem Solver

First and foremost, we believe that successful plumbing franchise owners are problem solvers.

Every day isn’t perfect. Not only will problems arise in terms of your daily operations that will require you to quickly pivot and provide a solution with confidence, but our owners and their employees are also professional problem-solvers for our customers. Whether it’s a simple clogged drain or major pipe rupture, you must have the right attitude – and follow through – to solve the problem quickly and accurately.

Know a Thing or Two about Plumbing

While this isn’t a requirement for all of our plumbing owners, it’s good to know a thing or two about plumbing. While it could be a few years of experience solving a variety of problems at home on your own or real hands-on experience in customer’s homes, any type of plumbing knowledge will prove you have an interest in the industry and provide you with a leg-up over other prospective owners, possibly fighting for the same territory.


Not only should you be passionate about the quality of service you deliver to your customers, but it’s also about everything that comes your way. Passion is contagious and keeps things moving for you and your team, pushing you to grow and expand your business beyond what you ever thought was possible.

The most successful owners we’ve had have been the most passionate. Whether you decide to diversify your menu of home services or you’re simply looking to expand the reach of your Benjamin Franklin franchise, mixing the right passion with our proven tools is a recipe for success!

Natural Learner

Do you continually find yourself digesting loads of new information? While a seasoned franchise owner may have some knowledge and experience a newcomer may not, there’s always room to learn more. A good plumbing owner has a willingness to learn and embraces it every chance they get.

This doesn’t only benefit you and your overall goals, helping you grow your skills and learn new methods, but also the team that will be helping you get there. Just like passion, learning is contagious and can help foster a company culture of innovation and growth in every area.

Does This Sound Like You? We Want to Talk.

Whether you’ve been debating on opening a new plumbing company, converting your existing one, or just want to dive into the world of plumbing with a trusted franchise, give our team a call! Every day, we’re on the lookout for possible franchisee owners to continue our mission of delivering professional, reliable, and punctual plumbing services to communities all over.

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