Flushing Away 5 Plumbing Franchise Myths


Just like your home’s plumbing, the plumbing industry and franchising within it have been plagued with a plethora of myths online or passed around by various entrepreneurs or unsuccessful franchisees. To determine if franchising is a good choice for you, you have to make sure you’re not falling for any of these myths.

The team at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is here to break down and flush away some of the most common myths we hear about franchising in the plumbing industry:

Myth #1: You Need to Be a Plumber with Years of Experience

To own a plumbing franchise, you don’t need any plumbing experience. That’s one of the many advantages of franchising! Whether you’ve been a plumber for the better part of a decade or just ready to make a career change, our corporate team provides every franchisee with the support, tools, and training needed to make sure you and your team can deliver Benjamin Franklin quality plumbing maintenance, repairs, and more.

Myth #2: Franchising a Plumbing Company is Way Too Expensive

Entrepreneurs often decide not to franchise because they think the initial franchising fees and royalties will be too expensive, outweighing the costs of starting a plumbing company from scratch.

The idea that franchises are expensive is far from the truth! Franchising can be an excellent option for any budget. The costs required to start a plumbing business already tend to be moderate compared to other home service industries, and franchising tends to be around the same, if not cheaper.

Plus, choosing to franchise gives you loads of extras you would have to spend money, time, and a lot of brainpower to come up with on your own, as well as the buying power that gives your new business a boost!

Myth #3: A Plumbing Franchise is Not as Profitable as a Food or Retail Franchise

Since anyone with any experience and budget can choose to start the franchising process, it can be overwhelming to decide what industry to go with ultimately. For a long time, food and retail were the only franchises that existed. Even if you could find an outlier, it would tend to offer little to no profit and result in failure.

Today, you can find franchises in virtually any industry. The best part? The majority of franchises are successful. While some are new, many are backed by decades of experience, solidifying their spot in the market. In fact, the most popular franchises there are home services!

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is #243 on Franchise Time’s Franchise 400, and for a good reason! With a total global sales of $165,997,684, more than 200 franchise locations have succeeded in our proven plumbing franchise opportunity. The plumbing market continues to grow, so there’s never been a better time to open a plumbing company!

Myth #4: I Won’t Be Able to Operate Independently

With a Benjamin Franklin Plumbing franchise, you’ll still have the ownership of your plumbing company at the heart of your business. You’ll be entirely locally owned and operated but work in a partnership with a national leader in plumbing services, providing you the resources needed to find success in and grow your business from daily operations to employee retention.

There’s also a myth we’ve heard about how franchises don’t allow creativity. This is not true. Your business is yours to run! We provide the blueprints, and you implement them the way you see fit. There is plenty of room to show off your skills and make your new company your own.

Myth #5: I’ll Be Stuck with a Franchise Forever

Some people think that once they sign a franchise agreement, they’ll have to be with the same franchise forever. Of course, while we can’t speak for all franchises, this is not the case! At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Franchise Development, we take your future and exit strategy very seriously.

From our initial conversations regarding ownership to the final day of your business, we’ll inquire about your goals and work to create a plan that helps you achieve them! Your exit strategy is an integral part of this. Our team will help you develop one that will benefit you and the future of your business and legacy.

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