What The Pandemic Proved About Plumbing Businesses

Covid-19 plumbing

While everyone was obsessed with toilet paper at the beginning of the pandemic, the demand quickly switched to plumbing services. With the increased demand from the pandemic and the real as ever climate crisis, plumbers have experienced some of the busiest days and most significant market growth seen in quite some time.

Here are three things that the pandemic proved about plumbing in the home service sector:

1. Plumbers Are Essential to Our Communities

Even after being well over a year into the pandemic, our homes continue to be as crucial as ever. According to one survey, one in four Americans will be working from home throughout the rest of the year. Some data suggests that at least 26% of the population will continue to work in the home remotely through 2025.

Once everyone was indoors in early March 2021, our home’s plumbing systems were used. More than they have ever been. And they were not ready for it!

Our Plumbing Systems Were Unprepared

From burst pipes to clogged toilets, plumbing companies continued to stay open as the rest of the world shut down. So many plumbing companies like ourselves saw a considerable increase in online traffic, leads, and service calls. We did everything we could to ease the burden placed on our communities’ sewer and plumbing systems.

Plumbing inconveniences Needed Quick Fixes

On the other hand, with more people being home, more people became more aware of their surroundings. The shower they were taking every day was more apparent than ever, and so was the awful water pressure. In times like this, our team – and many other plumbers – were called out to assess and deliver solutions that need to last far longer than the pandemic will.

All of this proved that the plumbing industry is as essential as ever! As one of the top home service markets in the United States, and continued growth predicted, there’s never been a better time to join a home services franchise opportunity like Benjamin Franklin Plumbing.

2. More Quality Plumbing Companies Are Needed

More plumbers and quality plumbing companies are always a great thing. Besides the apparent upside of competition, they provide excellent services to their local neighborhoods while providing current plumbers and up-and-coming talent with a new place to work and grow their skills.

Unfortunately, as demand for plumbing services rose during the pandemic, plumbing scams in various spots across the country were also present. From dishonest quotes and uninsured plumbers to unexpected service fees and constantly changing prices, Benjamin Franklin avoids all of this to ensure our franchisees and their teams continue to provide plumbing services that are honest, upfront, and competitively priced.

Every day, our team searches for seasoned and unseasoned business owners with the right qualifications to join our nationwide network of plumbing owners. Could you be our next plumbing franchise owner?

3. It Takes a Certain Individual to Manage & Grow a Successful Plumbing Company

While the pandemic presented new business challenges, some of which have never been imagined or dealt with before, the team at Benjamin Franklin made changes and continues to pivot even today to compete among an ever-changing landscape and new normal that continues to manifest itself.

During the maintenance, repair, and installation craze the pandemic presented for homeowners and plumbers alike, our franchisees were as crucial as ever. Our franchise owners had the daunting task of not only keeping themselves, their families, and their employees safe during the unknown, they also needed to figure out how to continue providing high-quality service while keeping their customers safe.

Aside from net worth and financial qualifications, it takes a specific individual to manage and grow a successful plumbing company daily, whether it’s on a regular Tuesday or in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. A natural problem solver has a passion for delivering quality service and loves to learn, grow, and adapt.

Looking For a Plumbing Businesses Dedicated to You?

We’re here for our plumbing business owners. As a part of our team, you’ll have the help you need to make sure you’re making the best decisions for your business every day of the week.

If you’re interested in taking part in a home service franchise opportunity that has proven to be resilient and profitable during these unprecedented times, taking place in a growing market, and you happen to sound a lot like the type of owner we’re searching for, reach out to our team today!

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